February Was NOT Good to Me

March 2, 2020

Hey there everyone! How are you? It feels like I haven’t been on here in forever. I’ve missed writing. February started off strong but then became a very hard month for me.

I needed to take a break and just stop talking to everyone as well as going online. No social media or anything. I did this to minimize triggers and to remember what really matters.

I cant take care of my son properly if I am not okay. He deserves the best me although I know he loves me regardless.

People were triggering me and they didn’t even know it. Friends, family, etc. Of course, it’s not their fault which is why I made the decision to just disconnect with everyone and really connect with myself. It wasn’t fair that I was taking my frustrations out on others.

I even had some scheduled posts planned but I didn’t even feel right posting them because it didn’t feel genuine. The one great thing about this is that I have such an amazing and genuine audience. I knew you guys wouldn’t mind. I knew you guys would want me to do what’s best for me.

Back to our semi-regular schedule! Happy March!


March 3rd, 2020

I’m trying this again. I was supposed to post this yesterday but unfortunately, my son and I were in an accident. We are both okay. Isaiah was a trooper. It just seems like bad things are happening to me way too often. But, I like to think of it as different ways to shape me for my even better future.

Isn’t he the cutest pizza date you’ve ever seen?
Clearly, I couldn’t wait to take a bite.

To lighten the mood, yesterday my son turned 5 months! I cannot believe how big he’s getting right before my eyes. Before our night turned to crap, Isaiah and I went on our first lunch date. We (I) had blaze pizza inside the mall. I had such a fun time hanging out with my little guy.








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17 thoughts on “February Was NOT Good to Me

  1. I’m sorry to hear February was tough for you and taking a break from the social media/blogging can actually help. Also hope both you and your son are fine after the accident.

    Glad you’re feeling better and I look forward to your posts this month!


  2. I’m glad you and your son are okay . And no worries about posting , sometimes things need to be taken care in the real world . Also that pizza looks awesome ! I used to love broccoli on pizza , but its been forever since I’ve had it .

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