Perks of Being an Early Riser

Are you an early riser or a night owl? Are you one of those grumpy morning people? I used to be a grumpy morning person back in high school but that’s to be expected… I think. Dont get me wrong, I’m not ALWAYS happy in the morning. Here are some examples of times when I wake up being a grouch:

  • When I go to bed at 3:30 am because I was up trying to have the “me time” I deserved that whole day.
  • When Isaiah decides he can only sleep in our bed and proceeds to take it over by sleeping horizontally. We create the letter H in bed. We are mostly falling off the edge while he peacefully sleeps in the middle.
  • When Isaiah wakes out of his crib 5 times at night.

When I’m not a grouch in the morning these are the best things about waking up early!

Me, myself, and I time! 

Nowadays it’s pretty hard to get that quality me time like I used to. It’s more like WE time. Once my baby boy is up in the morning my mind is mostly focused on him. When I wake up before him I’m able to enjoy peace and quiet by myself. This would be the perfect time to meditate or do a little bit of yoga but I still haven’t gotten a yoga mat yet which I really want! I also enjoy reading blogs or replying to comments at this time with a cup of tea.

Bored Amandla Stenberg GIF

Get more things done

Waking up earlier gives me the chance to start my day earlier which results in getting things done earlier! I’m able to get more tasks done from my to-do list.

Happy Game Over GIF by QuickBooks

Positive vibes

One of my favorite things about being an early riser is the motivation it gives me, especially after a good night’s sleep. I wake up more than ready to start my day with productivity on my mind. This also helps me feel like I haven’t just wasted a whole day. I usually hate feeling like that.

Happy Hello Kitty GIF by StickerGiant


I love to see the sky change slowly from dark to that sunrise bright. (Unless I’ve gone down for bed extremely late and got no rest.) It’s beautiful to see that we’ve made it to a new day. Bonus points if the birds are up singing because that makes it even better.

matisse and sadko sunrise GIF by Tiësto

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on Youtube💋


16 thoughts on “Perks of Being an Early Riser

  1. I’m an early riser too! I’m up at 3:30am most nights, around the same time I get ready for bed! I stay up late because it’s the quietest and I feel like I deserve time to sit and think. However, I could probably accomplish the same thing if I woke up a bit earlier before everyone else wakes up.

    I need to fix my sleeping schedule. Usually I go to bed at 3:30am and wake up at 3pm. My toddler is the same, so I need to fix both of our sleep schedules.


  2. This makes me want to become an early riser again! I wouldn’t call myself a really late riser but I am definitely not an early riser although I want to be because I feel like I would get a lot more work done if I wake up an hour or two earlier.

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  3. I’m such a night owl and evening person . Mornings are the worst for me and when I was dog groomer I would make sure to let people know to call me in the evenings . It definitely helps when I work for myself . Now with the quarantine , I’m still an evening person and mostly active during the night . It could because I live in a hot climate and the heat is so bad during the day . But I may also just be part 🦇 or 🦉😂

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