When I was younger I used to hate wearing glasses. I’d rather struggle to see the board than simply just wear my glasses and see. I’d literally hide them so no one knew I had them. Now I don’t feel myself without them. I love my glasses! Thats it. That’s the post. Just a random thought I was having.

I’ve been a busy bee these past few days so I didn’t have time to put together a proper post. Especially today since Isaiah turned 18 months!!!! He had to get his shots so today was pretty rough. So tell me, do you wear glasses? Do you like them? If not, do you want them? Oh, and happy April everyone!

I had a little photoshoot with my new ring light 😘

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16 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. My Dad wears glasses. I have reading glasses, but I read a lot and have had to wear them in school full-time, so I can relate to most of the glasses struggles. Although, my Dad says it’s worse when you’re a kid. At least when you’re older, people are like, “we’re all adults here”

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  2. Haha, they look great! Glad you love them so much :).
    I remember when I had glasses, initially I had the complete opposite reaction XD, I loved that I had glasses. I always thought they made me look smarter LOL.

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  3. You look so cute in glasses!

    I always felt the same way about wearing glasses- I tried to never wear them at school and felt super uncomfortable when I was forced to wear them but now I love my glasses and rarely take them off.

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  4. I like classes and need them! I think they add something to your style. I like the option of not wearing them as well, but I dislike contacts. They are not comfortable.

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  5. Yeah I wonder why that is- I was so embarrassed by my glasses as a kid but now that I think of it that makes no sense lol 🤔
    I think glasses are cool now? Not sure I’m not a hip teen anymore 😂😂

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