I Abandoned My Blog and Here’s Why

Did ya miss me? Hi everyone! Long time no speak, right? I feel like I should’ve had a better greeting planned out. It’s such a bittersweet feeling writing again. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things, like putting out content, reading other awesome blogs, and interacting with every one of you. I’m NOT excited about all of the editing, planning, and actual hard work that comes with the process. I want to mention that I didn’t completely abandon all of my platforms, just this one. You can find me on other platforms (not extremely active, but active) like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. I’ve been filling any of my writing urges with an old school paper and pen but not even that can compare to getting on WordPress and feeling like you’re writing with a purpose. I’m not too sure where I’m gonna go with this first post and I’m not even that worried. My main goal is to get my points across and to sort of get a fresh start on here. As I’m writing this, I have plans to completely revamp my website for an extra fresh start but we’ll see what happens. Thank you to everyone for your patience and continuous support. I hope I’m able to speak to you today.


I don’t even remember the last time I blogged. *Checks site for last blog date* Yikes… the last time I posted was on May 14th. I’m currently writing this at the beginning of August with no plans to post anytime soon. Some may say that’s not really a long time but it certainly feels like it. Since my birthday, I’ve been up to quite a lot, not gonna lie. Some of it is good and some of it is not so good. The not so good happens to be things that would only happen to me. I’ve been struggling to hold onto luck lately. For example, my phone accidentally got washed with a load of clothes in the washing machine. So, I’m currently phone less which sucks but it isn’t the worse thing. The worst thing was locking my car keys in my trunk after going food shopping. Those were the worst days ever. I plan to do a storytime video on that situation soon. I can’t wait to share how 3 Triple-A workers couldn’t help me. There have been a few too many alarming family emergencies but just like the rest of my family, I’m holding up and staying strong.

Besides the unfortunate events, I’ve managed to upkeep a happy spirit. I tried to embrace all that I still had around me and could be grateful for. During that time we celebrated some important birthdays, one happened to be my mom’s 60th birthday. Most of the family was able to get together and just enjoy each other’s company over good food. It felt really nice. I’d say overall my summer was a pleasant one. I mean, I get to watch my son grow, I’m loved, and I always had a roof over my head. When I’m thinking that way there is not much to complain about it.

Summer wasn’t all pleasure though. You guys, the news I’m about to share with you is very exciting and important to me. You may or may not know about my journey being a stay-at-home mom. It was always my goal to stay home with Isaiah for a while but not as long as I ended doing it. I’m grateful for every moment and I’ll cherish it forever but it was time to get out of the house. Not only for my mental health but also my financial health lol. I got a real-life full-time job! I won’t say too much about it yet but I’ve been there for nearly a month now. It’s such a good feeling knowing that I’m working hard for myself and my family. I knew being a stay-at-home mom was hard work but being an outside working mom is probably even harder. It’s basically like having 2 jobs. I wake up early get us ready for the day, drop off Isaiah with my mom (so lucky to have her), go to work, come home to cook, straighten up, be a mom, get ready for bed, and do it all over again the next day. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t exhausted all the time but it’s worth it. I’m so proud of myself and how far I’ve come.


The word Blogmas makes me cringe but I just have to talk about it AGAIN. I know I brought it up briefly on my blog before but it also plays a part in why I stopped blogging. I’m gonna say it straight up but Blogmas took my soul. I so badly wanted to impress everyone for blogging but instead, I only ended up hurting myself. If you’re not familiar with Blogmas, it’s a time of year where bloggers write a holiday-related post every single day for December. I think the concept is awesome but something like that takes thorough planning especially if you want it to come out right. I planned only a few posts out of my series and the rest were spontaneous last-minute posts. So almost every day I was scrambling to come out with satisfactory content just to say that I did. Doing that for the majority of the month was exhausting mentally and physically. It made me want to stop blogging. It’s like I lost all of my creativity. I literally dumped all of my eggs into one basket and possibly stepped on them. I know I’d like to tackle the challenge again in the far future but I’d plan way further in advance. I’ve seen bloggers do shorter Blogmas series, so that’s something I’d consider for now.


If I wasn’t real with you before, I’m gonna get real with you now. Like I said before, Blogmas seriously took a toll on me writing-wise but that wasn’t the only thing. I wasn’t happy with any of my online platforms. I felt stuck where I was online and felt as if I was never going to grow. I’d ask myself questions like “why put so much effort if no one is even gonna care?” or then start belittling myself and my content as if it’s a problem. This is not about numbers. It should never be about numbers because if that’s your main focus you’ll never be satisfied. That is another reason why I just had to take a step back. I wanted to love what I was doing again. I didn’t want everything to feel forced.

While being a stay-at-home mom I had this big expectation that I had to make a certain amount of money online. It would be a dream but it’s not easy at all. Even when you do make something from social media, it’s not a guaranteed consistency and no one can live off that. But let’s be real it just doesn’t happen like that especially not without putting in the work. I didn’t let that bother me much anymore since I had DoorDash but then that started bothering me. The app turned to trash and I just didn’t want to use it anymore. That was a big source of income and also a nice time for me to be alone. When that officially became a loss, that’s when I decided I was ready to get that job. Now I don’t have to worry about “the next opportunity” or “a good order”. We love ✨stability✨.


I’m very content with life right now. I’m grateful for everyone and all that I have. I’ve invited the Lord to come into my life a lot more these days and that’s given me such a positive boost. I still have some things to work on but I know I’ll be more than okay. I always keep going, hence the tattoo on my back.

With all that being said, I want to get back on here but it will take some getting used to. I have to find the right balance between working, parenting, adulting, etc. I’ll probably start at a slow pace but something is better than nothing. I’ve been so excited to make content. I can’t wait to talk to everyone again and check out your new content as well. It’s all about the effort and what you put in. That’s what matters. Well, that’s all I have for today y’all. I’ll leave all my links below. Follow me if you want to! I made a new Pinterest by the way. Thanks all for reading. Please excuse any grammatical or spelling errors… 🙂

Ps. It is now the end of August and I finally finished the post! I also did end up changing the theme of my blog. I like it a lot but who knows. It’s very simple and that’s what I was going for. What do you think?

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on YouTube💋


21 thoughts on “I Abandoned My Blog and Here’s Why

  1. Yay,welcome back! ❤ I took a bit of a break too this summer. And I know what you mean by blogmas — it's pretty stressful. I'm doing blogtober but on the fence about blogmas this year.

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  2. Heyyy!!! Good to see you again! I’m really glad you took a break too. Congrats on your job and happy birthday to your mother! 🎉🎉 I agree that sometimes you don’t want to do all this editing and SEO stuff for your pots either. That part can really wear on you after a while

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  3. I’m glad you’re doing well and back ! I enjoy reading your blog and definitely know too well how much time goes into editing and posting content . Sometimes it’s best to go slow . I recently upgrade my blog but I feel like I’m releasing stuff alot slower than usual . I can only imagine also having a son too , that would totally be extra . And also congratulations on the new job as well ✨.

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  4. It’s totally been forever since we talked lol jk jk 😂 Omg soooo excited to see you blogging again! Blogging can be so much more stressful, time consuming and demanding than people realise. I’m glad you took some time off and of course I’m looking forward to reading your blogs again! I can’t tell what’s changed with your site cos I’m on my phone atm but I’ll check it out on my laptop- I’m sure it looks amazing!

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  5. Hi Tiana, great to hear you, Isaiah, and your family have been doing well! I was wondering what you were up to but then again I was lost in the midst of my busyness and life interruptions. I know what you mean about blogging stress and how the blog evolves and you got to make sense of that.
    Glad you took the time off to focus on yourself, try new things, get a full time job, and time to rethink your blogging goals. That’s a lot on your plate!!
    Take your time and get back to blogging when you feel ready. I also feel pressured to write consistently but that’s mainly me doing it to myself. Your insights and honesty are refreshing. I hope you stay well and can’t wait to hear more. Take care and rock that lovely smile! Hugs to baby Isaiah…


  6. Congrats on the job! It’s good to know you’re okay! Once in a while I’d think about you in a “hmm I don’t recall seeing new posts from her recently” kind of way and always intent to reach out but of course I always had those thoughts while at work where I couldn’t really do it at that moment lol
    Blogging should always be fun, and while schedules and plans can be good, at the end of the day, you have to enjoy it. I look forward to this new chapter in your writing!

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