Mini Xmas Decor Haul | Blogmas Day 15

10 more days until Christmas! Can you believe it? Time is literally flying by. I can’t even believe I’ve managed to pull off blogging every single day for 15 days. There’s no stopping me now. For today’s post, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite décor pieces I got this year. I’ve finally gotten a chance to finish decorating my apartment for the holidays. I’ll share just a few and then you’ll have to go check out my brand new YouTube video for the rest!

I knew I wanted to get some type of ornament that represents Isaiah. The first letter ornaments I saw were on mini mittens and I wanted them so badly but I guess ‘I’ is popular first name letter because none were left. Instead, I got this glittery I from Walmart.

I got these funky bottle brush trees and I also love how they add a little greenery to the bathroom.

The bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a decorative set of hand towels. These have a mice wearing pajamas!!!

This is Isaiah’s favorite holiday decoration. I knew he’d love it as soon as I saw it in the store. This door dangler has little bells that jingle when the door moves. Its very subtle so it isn’t annoying at all especially since Zay likes to pull and tug at it.

I’m going to keep it real about the kitchen towels. They are cute and acceptable but they aren’t my favorite. I would’ve much rather something with more color but the other options had towels with an uncomfortable texture. So I basically settled. Not mad at it though!

This wooden snowman has a puffy low belly that says hope. It was too cute to pass up on.

This ornament is extra special because we gave it as a gift to his dad last year when he was a cute little blob. I love it so much.

In the video I talk about how I broke the tip of the Christmas tree as soon as I got it. I was honestly too lazy to glue it back lol. Tip-less tree y’all! But I love how this adds some pop of color to my bathroom.

My favorite piece of them all was a random Marshalls find. It’s a wooden tied stack of books that says “Twas the night before Christmas”. It adds a bit of magic to my Tv stand, I think.

I’m so pleased with how everything turned out. I’ve always enjoyed staying home but now I love it even more because of these amazing holiday vibes. I’m so excited about the start of my holiday décor collection. Hopefully it doesn’t get too out of control. What decoration pieces are your favorite? Leave a comment down below!

If you or anyone you know is participating in Blogmas let me know in the comments so I can check them out and add their link to my original Blogmas post!

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7 thoughts on “Mini Xmas Decor Haul | Blogmas Day 15

  1. Yeah, there are some special ornaments that are close to your heart. Because I moved around a lot, we have a lot of origami ornaments, but we have some beautiful cloth ornaments of people wearing traditional holiday cultural clothing from various cultures!

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