It’s Gunna Be May

Happy May folks! In my biased opinion this is the best month of all. Just like every other month, April flew by and I’m sure May will do the same. I think I like the ideas of Monthly recaps instead of Monthly lookaheads so I’ll probably make that switch starting next month. With that being said, this post may not have tons of fun things only because I have no idea what’s to come! But, what I do know is that its taurus season and my birthday is approaching really shortly so I’m excited for that. My little nephew also has a birthday in late May and he’ll officially be a teenager. It makes me sad sometimes because my little nephews are not little anymore.

I’m also looking forward to Good Girls returning after a 2 week too long break. It’s coming back Sunday May 2nd, which is probably when you’re reading this. So here is your Good Girls reminder.

May is when the really warm weather starts to hit which is bittersweet because I freakin’ hate being hot but I love looking cute in my spring/summer clothes. I’m always excited for that! The weather in Jersey has been quite odd but everything these past 2 years have been odd. Sometimes its warm, one day its blazing hot, and the next day you need a winter coat. Not complaining though! I’m just grateful to see another day.

So, that’s all I have for you this Sunday. I’ve actually been so busy doing fun things. I hardly ever do fun things these days so it sorta feels new to me. Having fun is also really exhausting. Till next time!

PS. The title of this posts was totally inspired by one of my favorite viral memes…

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8 thoughts on “It’s Gunna Be May

  1. Hey Tiani ❤️ have A Blessed new week!🎉💃🏾 Yesssssss Good Girls love this serie💯😍😍 in Holland the weather isn’t how it sopose to be in springtime yet,… But yes lovely post!

    Have A wonderfull Day Hugz and Kisses Miss B.💋💋💋

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  2. Wow, can’t believe I’ve been hanging out on your blog for more than a year now. And it’s gonna be May again for 2022. Looking forward to any monthly updates you have for this year!

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