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Did somebody say road trip? My sister did! Hey there everyone, I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. I wanted to stray away from the more serious topics and write something fun. In today’s post, I wanted to share all about my long day with my sister. Like a Day In The Life with a twist. My sister had asked me in advance if I’d be able to take a little road trip south of where we live and of course, I said yes. We weren’t sure what to expect other than maybe some open land and horses but that was all I needed. I’m all for the scenery and the fresh breeze. So, let’s get into the day!

10 Am

So, I’m going, to be honest, I totally forgot I was going with my sister today. Dwayne spoiled me this morning and let me sleep in till around 10:30 am when my phone started vibrating none stop. It was my sister FaceTiming me. I picked it up with complete morning face on (resting bitch face). She wasn’t even sure if I was still coming. I told her just to come pick me up, and I’ll be ready by the time you get here.

While I was getting ready, I went and put on some water for my Matcha Green Tea with Turmeric. I set up my travel cup with a little honey and lemon juice. I was also hanging out with Isaiah for a little bit. He watched me do my hair and eyebrows while also explaining what he was doing on his tablet. It’s so hard to leave him sometimes especially when he’s asking me to stay and play with him. “Mommy sit down!” He demands.

12 PM

My sister came and picked me up around quarter to 12 and it was game time. We took a selfie that day but neither of us liked the way we looked so maybe I’ll insert a random picture of us just because I can!

We set off for the parkway in our fast car, windows down, and music blasting. It was the perfect sunny day for a long drive. It was all fun and laughter until my anxiety started kicking in. Somehow we ended up on the truck’s only side of the highway, and I’m terrified of 18-wheelers next to me. I mean, I completely tense up and start panicking. After a while of driving alongside 18-wheeler trucks, we finally started to cruise freely.

As we got closer to our destination, we started to see a lot more empty open lands. I was shocked when I saw a little winery and vineyard on the side of the highway. I wish I could’ve checked it out but that wasn’t on the agenda. We saw cornfields, cute little help-yourself stands, and even horses! One of the stands sold beautiful flowers. Where I live, in a more urban area, you’ll never find stands, where people are trusted to pay for, as they take. It would be nice to live like that, though.

2 PM

We arrived at our first location, a new hospital, where my sister would soon be working at. Why did we drive 2 hours to a hospital you may ask? My sister is a travel nurse. She can take contracted positions in most states. This was a brand-new hospital that needed nurses. It was beautifully built but put in the middle of nowhere. We only had a few hours to scope out the area before it would be time to start the next week.

From there, our next stop would be to find out where she’s staying. There were a couple of hotels within close range, but those were booked solid. I was able to find an adorable little Inn on google but when we arrived it looked like there was so much going on. Like toaster ovens on the floor and 13 men on all parts of the roof. Oh, not to mention even more men taking up space in the driveway. She couldn’t stay there. We had another lead, but we couldn’t see that till 5:30. While we waited, we explored the town and since we were in the middle of nowhere there was nothing around. So we checked out the next town, and the one after that, and so on. Finally, we found a Wawa and stretched our legs.

3 PM

This is where my real fun began. I wanted to treat the day like a day off (which it technically was) so I found a dispensary! I’ve only been to one NJ dispensary before, so I just had to check this one out. It was completely overwhelming, and I would probably never go back there if I had a choice but I did leave happy with my goodies. I purchased two pre-rolls, one to enjoy for the trip and saved one for a rainy day. I believe the strain that I smoked was called Sugar Kush. It was AH-mazing! I would include the hilarious picture I took of myself after but then I’d just be embarrassing myself.

After I had indulged, my sister suggested we ate at Olive Garden. We sat at the bar for quick and easy service. It took forever for me to decide on my entree because I never really eat there. Luckily, they brought out the infamous breadsticks and salad to buy me some time. I ended up deciding on the Five Cheese Ziti. It was pretty good! You can’t go wrong with cheesy pasta. My sister got some type of seafood pasta, but seafood makes my eyes hurt so I don’t have a picture of that. I was already so stuffed from the bread and salad, that I was only able to take three bites of my pasta before asking for a to-go box. Upon leaving, we found a Ross store location that I didn’t get to shop at. I’ve seen so many videos and heard so many great things but unfortunately, we don’t have any near where we live. Next time.

5 PM

By the time we finished eating, it was time to go visit the potential living arraignment for my sister. She had spoken with the owner of the suite in advance, so they knew to expect us soon. We also did a quick google search to make sure nothing creepy came up, which it didn’t. Thankfully. She found the listing on a site geared toward travel nurses. It was everything that she was looking for. We drove there with great expectations.

As we pulled onto the street, we saw how nice and quiet the neighborhood looked. All of the houses and lawns were well kept and even had some fall decor put out. Our GPS says the destination is to our right but my sister keeps driving. I start yelling, “What are you doing, you just passed it?!” She was surprised to see that the one place she would potentially be staying at looked sorta like a haunted house. It was the complete opposite of all the other houses on the street. There was an imaginary dark cloud over it. We sat in the car for a couple of minutes deciding whether or not we should even take the risk but before we knew it there was a knock on my sister’s window. It was them! We both freaked out because they came out of the bushes and caught us by surprise. They waved to us and said hello. My sister and I awkwardly waved hello back. At that point, we had no choice, so we got out of the car and followed them to the suite in the back for rent. While walking inside I was greeted by lots of dust, it was like no one had lived there in ages. Everything looked outdated and just so visibly dusty. The lighting was dim and the overall vibe was just not it. We all engaged in some small talk and that was it. There were points in the conversation where they’d just blurt out unnecessary information and we wouldn’t know how to answer. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. My overall impression of them was that they were alright. Nice enough to get by but hiding something. That concluded the end of our visit. We were so exhausted after that 2-hour drive back home. We got home around 8:30 pm and all I wanted to do was get ready for bed.

The Next Morning

I was having such a good sleep until I was awakened by my sister’s call. This is where the twist happens. She made me look at my text messages right away and to my freakin’ surprise, it was a mugshot of the person we just met yesterday and got that weird vibe from. Apparently, the way their name was spelled on the site was wrong, so we didn’t get an accurate google search right away. Also, shame on the site for making it so easy for that to happen. Anyway, this person has a history of extreme stalking and making major threats. After many warnings, they were arrested after the cops found them outside their victim’s house. He was threatening to kill his victim and dog with an assault rifle. Thankfully it didn’t get that far but who wants to live with someone like that? Not us. Looking back at last night, their face was just so smug the whole time. As if they didn’t have a mean bone in their body. Always go with your instincts!

What a long day. Do you like road trips? Have you ever shopped at Ross? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on YouTube💋

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  1. Omg that’s so scary. always stick with your gut! If someone gives you a weird feeling always keep a distance. The pasta looks delicious and I totally get what you mean about seafood. It just grosses me out idk why 🤢

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