Why It’s Important to Respect Social Boundaries | Saying No Is Perfectly Okay

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Have you ever wondered why your dearest friend might be avoiding you? Or have you ever been in a situation where you felt guilted into hanging out with someone or doing something? I know I have, and I want to talk about it. Now, if you can’t already tell where I’m going with this, being in a situation like this can be annoying and extremely overwhelming.

I’ve gone through many different phases in my life, so I like to think that I can understand boundaries from different perspectives. I remember what it was like to never want to be home. I always loved hanging out with my friends. We had the best stories to share, each time. People would come to us looking for the most exciting plans every night. It seemed as if I was always running on a natural high and it was even better when I had my pals around to share the feeling. So, when I would ask someone to go out with me and they couldn’t, I’d take it way too personally. Even if it was a super lax day and all I wanted to do was kick back. For me, I’d want to make the best of every day. I also thought I could change the moods of others, by offering them a chance to get out or by keeping them company. I didn’t realize that everyone wasn’t as socially charged as I was.

What are boundaries and why is it so important to respect them? Personal boundaries are rules that we set aside for ourselves and our well-being. Respecting someone’s boundaries is essential to that person’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Feelings of confusion, anxiety, or feeling drained around a person can all be signs that our boundaries have been violated.

1. Saying no was probably harder than it really was

Think about it. No one knows the real reason why someone could’ve declined an offer to hang out. There have been days where I’ve felt so down that the thought of being around anyone overwhelms me. I immediately think about how if I say no, I may hurt that person’s feelings. “Damn, do I seem like a witch now?” But that shouldn’t be the case, right? Why should I put my feelings aside for someone who just doesn’t understand? Saying no is perfectly okay.

2. Establishes a healthy relationship

The way someone reacts to another person’s boundaries can determine the type of respect they have for that relationship. Someone who constantly ignores your wishes or can’t take no for an answer doesn’t value your time. In a healthy relationship, you should feel comfortable enough to say no and not worry about whether or not how the other person will take it. That is a good sign of a relationship with healthy boundaries. Communication is key!

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3. Helps with self-care

There is no better feeling than self-confidence, and feeling like you’re in control can help with that. Dealing with unreasonable people can be draining to your mental health, causing a lot of built-up animosities. If you’re anything like me, I can drag on an unsettling feeling for days, causing strains in other aspects of my life.

It’s so important to respect someone else’s boundaries. This is how we can happily function in the real world and make healthy relationships along the way. It’s perfectly okay to say no if you don’t want to do something, and it’s not the end of the world if someone says no to you.

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6 thoughts on “Why It’s Important to Respect Social Boundaries | Saying No Is Perfectly Okay

  1. I’m not great with boundaries but it’s something I am working on with my therapist. I get so drained these days when I go out every day. I used to love it but now I prefer being at home more than going out. Great post! 💕


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