Happy Mimosa Day!

Greetings everyone and happy Saturday! I hope you are all still staying safe and sane. Did you know today was National Mimosa day?

I know I’ve kinda been MIA but it’s for a good reason, I promise! I’ve been so consumed with other things (I feel like I say this often) that I literally cannot focus. Soon I’ll be able to tell you guys what’s been going on. Until then, why not have a mimosa?

Mimosas have dated back to the 1920s and has been a brunch staple since. It’s a mixed drink that typically consists of champagne and orange juice. Sparkling cider works well too for a non alcoholic version!

My bestie creates these super cool Quarantine Brunch Boxes that were just perfect for today! I knew I had to get my hands on one. It was the perfect touch to my very hectic Saturday.

You can find more of her delicious treats over on her Instagram! Did you know about Mimosa day? Do you like mimosas? What do you like to have with brunch? Talk soon and have a great night (or day)!

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @T_scorner 💋

9 thoughts on “Happy Mimosa Day!

  1. I did not know mimosa until today!However, I will try 1 in future.
    Hope you’re doing well despite the absentia💁‍♂️


  2. I love mimosas for brunch for sure and I had no idea there was an entire day dedicated to them!! That box looks amazing – your bestie is doing a really good job!

    Liked by 1 person

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