When Did It Get So Hard to Change a Diaper?

In the beginning, I would’ve never known it would be this hard to change a diaper. I remember when you’d lay still and stare at us like we were from another planet. Which is understandable. He was so new to the world and we were so new to him.

I remember waiting till clean up time because that’s when I knew he’d give me a little smile. I lived for those once in a blue moments. It seems like just last week I was able to just leave him and not have to worry about him rolling.

I remember thinking… imagine only drinking milk for a portion of your life. Milk for breakfast, milk for lunch, milk for dinner and more milk just because. Now he eats tons of stuff like avocados, blueberries, and pasta!


Back to those diapers… I got sidetracked.

Who would’ve thought changing a diaper could also double as a workout or maybe even some sort of wrestling match?

I remember a few months ago when I was changing my nephew’s diaper he kept escaping from me and it took literally FOR-EVER to get him changed. I thought to myself… thank God I don’t have to deal with that. (Isaiah was 3 months at the time) 

Boy was I wrong. Diaper changes have become something that I have to mentally and physically prepare for. Think about chasing a chicken or freak tornado. Yes. That is what it’s like to change a diaper these days. Isaiah is fast! When its diaper changing time, it’s like he becomes speed racer. But with the cutest smile.

He either crawls away each chance he gets or likes to roll all over the place. I can’t help but laugh and think of it as a fun game my sweet baby boy is playing with me. “Catch me if you can, mommy!”

It’s such a delight being Isaiah’s mother. There’s no day we aren’t laughing like crazy. Or having a major cuddle session.

Mama’s, what are some of your favorite moments with your little one? 

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8 thoughts on “When Did It Get So Hard to Change a Diaper?

  1. Aww he’s is really growing up so fast! I’m dreading the changing diapers part when I have a kid but this made me dread it less. It actually seems like a sweet bonding time for the two of you.

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