Questions I Have for My 9-Month-Old

1. First off… do you have any idea how much I love and adore you?

2. How and why do your nails grow so fast? I cut them one day and they grow back 7 hours later.

3. Are you having fun? Ya know… living life outside the womb?

4. Are you eating everything and I mean everything because you’re teething or just exploring?

5. With that being said, how do the wipes taste? The remote?

6. Can you tell when mommy gets frustrated? I’m so sorry if you do.

7. Why do you fight your sleep? Is it because you wanna hang with the grown folks?

8. Why won’t you say, Mama? Dada seems to come naturally…

9. You do seem to say Nene often… am I Nene? Cause if so… I’ll take it!

That’s it for now. One day I’ll ask you these questions for the heck of it. I’m so eager to know your responses! I’ll keep writing down these silly questions because I had fun making this post! What silly questions do you have for your little ones that they can’t answer?

The light of my life

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10 thoughts on “Questions I Have for My 9-Month-Old

  1. Such a cute post…. I can’t tell you how nice this post is…. I am still smiling…. And I am staring at Pooja’s comment now…. Remote taste plasticky!!! What is that taste….!!!

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