What to Expect After Giving Birth— and Why First-Time Moms Are Clueless

Is anyone aware of this rejected Oscars ad made by the company Frida Mom?

Sadly, this ad was rejected by ABC and the Oscars for being “too graphic”. This is why moms are blinded when it comes to postpartum recovery. Because what’s supposed to be natural and beautiful, society thinks of it as gross. The media suppresses topics that need to be spoken about. I WISH I could’ve seen something like this before giving birth.

I gave birth to my son about 4 months ago and this video hit me like a mack truck. Yes. I cried while watching this. I have never related so much to a video.

This is exactly what it’s like after giving birth to an actual human. From the gigantic pads that wrap from your belly button to your tailbone down to the peri-bottle, you use for what seems like the rest of your life.

I just wanted to shine some light on this incredible ad in hopes that it reaches more mothers.

Postpartum recovery deserves more recognition.

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