My Friends Tell Me What an Ideal Friendship Is Like

Friends. I truly believe you can’t live without them. You don’t even need a ton of them. Over the years I’ve made wonderful friendships and I’ve learned along the way how I think they should work.

To me, you have a good friendship when you could look your absolute worst, no makeup, super comfy clothes, and just kick back no matter the circumstances. In a good friendship, you aren’t afraid of silence. It’s not awkward to just sit there with your pals. I love how my friends know when to give me my space and actually understand that it’s not meant in a hurtful way. There are so many other qualities but let’s just hear from some of my friends themselves!

In honor of Friendship Day, I asked some of my closest friends to share what their ideal friendship is like.


Understanding person, no matter how much time passes you can pick up the phone and talk like you just spoke yesterday.


An ideal friendship is a friendship where both individuals are there for each other and you both always have each other’s back and can understand each other on a different level.


An ideal friendship to me is to have someone trustworthy, who I know I can count on. Also with a positive mindsight, because with a negative mindset, I feel that can bring you (as a person) down.

Also who shares their blessings & accomplishments because it’s important to bring each other up.


Check out her baking page! @bakedwithgi

An ideal friendship is one where you don’t have to question or think twice about. You know that they’ll be there for you, whether it be just to laugh or to vent to, and you’ll be there for them in the same way. No matter how much time passes, when we get to hang out it feels like no time has passed at all.


My ideal friendship is full transparency. We help each other grow and we have each other best interest at heart so we can have any type of conversation without judgment, disrespect, or harshness. We give each other our own room to grow and when we come together we pick up where we left off.


Just like a relationship, a friendship is built on trust, loyalty, and communication. Friends become your family and regardless of how hard life knocks you sown, your friends pick you back up even stronger.


Fun fact: Tania, Kat, and I got matching tattoos when we were in high school (maybe 16 or so). It was super spontaneous of us and we didn’t tell our parents. LOL!

I love all my friends so much and thank you guys for participating! What do you look for in a friend? Or do you think having friends isn’t important? Let me know in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “My Friends Tell Me What an Ideal Friendship Is Like

  1. Oh wow ! Those tattoos are awesome! Sometimes its hard since all my friends are scattered across different states , but I still keep in touch . The internet and technology really helps 😊

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  2. This is such a great post! I have to agree with your friends- friendship is definitely about being there for another and supporting each other even when times get rough. Also very cool tattoos!!

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  3. Hey Girl? Great post! I have many close Friends too . In a friendship You should be Able to be yourself, anders respect eachother . I think that that is very important in a friendship and to be able to share with each other your feelings or opinion. That to me is a good friendship. Have a great day dear! Awesome post !X

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  4. Thank you! They are bows since thats what brought us together in the first place 🎀

    Thats 1 of the good things about technology. You get to stay in touch with loved ones. So glad you’re still in touch!

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  5. Yes I would love to read that! You should do like a post about all your tattoos and maybe like explaining a little about them. I think that would be super interesting.

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