Different Ways I Handle My Anger

We all get angry sometimes. We’re human and we are allowed to have emotions. I’ve just recently wrote about why it’s okay to cry. Today I wanted to share with you ways that I handle my anger. These are some of the things that I do to help come down from just… being so mad. They’re all completely healthy and hopefully easy to do. Let me know down below in the comments what are some things that you do to calm yourself down!

Take a shower

I feel like taking a shower is the quickest way to relieve some anger. You know, that type of anger no one can revive you from? I always look to the shower if I need quick relief. It’s where you can be alone to collect your thoughts while also having the water beat against your back. I dont know about you guys but that sounds like a calm time to me!


Go for a walk

I used to take hour-long walks at times when I was really going through it. I found that these were extra helpful because I was mostly just cooped up in my room. So I was able to get fresh air and get some exercise. Those are both great endorphin boosters!

Watch a lighthearted show or video

This is pretty simple but it does the job for the most part. I like to watch baking shows or my favorite Youtuber Emmy if my day is just feeling too heavy. She brings so much joy to the platform. I highly recommend watching her!

Turn off my phone

If I’m furious I’ll most likely just turn off my phone. Sometimes it helps me just to disconnect from people and social media. The tiniest thing can be triggering to me and I would never want to take it out on anyone else especially if they have nothing to do it. Even if I’m not angry, it’s still nice to disconnect sometimes.

Scroll through Reddit

Okay so does this count as social media? I don’t count it… I’m a hardcore Reddit user. If I do so happen to leave my phone on its because I’m on Reddit. I love to look at all the different food communities, pubic freakouts, and especially the funny memes.

Write about it

Lastly, writing. Writing has been a huge help to me for the last couple of years. Not just when I’m angry, but when I’m sad, happy, or even scared. I just write about it. I don’t post everything I write. It’s okay to just get your feelings out and then delete it because at the end of the day you’re doing it for yourself and nobody else.


As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on Youtube💋



19 thoughts on “Different Ways I Handle My Anger

  1. 🙂 Going for a walk helps when it comes to handling anger. However, taking a shower does nothing for eradicating my anger (I will end up being a very clean person who is angry).

    Thank you for letting your readers know how you manage your anger.

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  2. Usually walking , or blasting some music on my headphones keeps me calm . Prefered calming music is electronica , Really fast metal , or anything with a nice beat . Also having a small snack helps too . Usually some fruit , a cereal bar or a small sandwich .

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  3. Really great post as always! I have a really quick and bad temper and it was much worse when I was younger so I have definitely been picking up ways to calm myself down over the years and I have found everything you mentioned to be super beneficial. I usually take walks in areas that have like trees or nature-y stuff because that always helps clear my mind. And yes definitely avoid the crazy that is social media when you’re already angry because that can really just add fuel to the fire sometimes. I also find meditating or cooking to be really relaxing too because it really distracts me from whatever I was angry about.

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  4. Letting nature talk to you when you’re angry can be such a beautiful thing. I totally agree with that! Also, cooking has been so therapeutic to me as well 🙂 I’m still working on getting started on meditation 😭Thanks for sharing!

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