Shows I Binge-Watch Every Year

I’ve realized that every year for the past 4/5 years I’ve chosen to re-watch to the same shows on Netflix. I don’t just watch them randomly but at the same time of year, each year. It’s very specific of me… I know.

I thought it would be fun for you all to learn what I think are the greatest shows of all time. These shows never get old to me and every year I look forward to re-watching each one from the 1st episode. It’s going to be hard to watch all these shows again since almost none of them are on the only streaming service I have, which is Netflix. After seeing them so much I should be able to just replay it in my head.

Parks And Recreation

Source: Peacocktv

Yes, I’m team parks. First, can I just mention how sad I am that Netflix has gotten rid of Parks and Rec? I found out about 2 days before that they were moving it so I tried to binge in that short time but I only made it to season 2. *sigh* I’m a huge fan of literally all of the characters on the show. Besides maybe, Jam… ha!

Breaking Bad

Source: The Ringer/Adam Villacin

This show never gets old to me. Clearly not since I watch it every year. This show brings me so many different kinds of emotion, it’s insane. From happiness to anger to heartbreak. Bryan Cranston plays the part really well.

Malcolm in the Middle

Source: MTV

Bryan  Cranston also does a great job at playing Hal too! This show is just so lighthearted and funny. It always puts me in a better mood. This also used to be on Netflix but then it moved to another streaming service. I forgot which one but I’m sure I don’t have it.

Gilmore Girls

Source: Warner Bros. Television

I’d love to spend a winter day in Stars Hallow and then go have dinner at Lukes Diner with Lorelai and Rory. A girl can dream, right? Gilmore Girls is one of those shows where you grow with the characters. Another show I’d like to describe as an emotional roller coaster.


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Source: Metawitches

There’s nothing like a late 90s early 2000s sci-fi teen drama show. I mentioned this show before on World UFO Day. I was obsessed with how meant to be Max and Liz were meant for each other. This is another show I will miss having easy access to since it is not on Netflix anymore. If you didn’t believe it, aliens, before maybe this show will change your mind (only if you’re as gullible as me).

Now that you know what I like to watch, I want to know what you like to watch. Did you enjoy any of these shows? What do you recommend I get into on Netflix?

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on YouTube💋


22 thoughts on “Shows I Binge-Watch Every Year

  1. Haha fair enough. Think I’ve been team Jess from the start – something about bad boys 🤷🏻‍♀️😬😂
    Did you watch the Year in the Life season? What a cliffhanger that ends in?!

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  2. Yessss to Girlmore Girlllls!💋Greenleaf is also a mutch watch serie. Funny fact about me I only love to see a movie of serie one time. And if I watch a movie again itt’s beacause it’s childhood releated like Home Alone every year I Will watch It whit the whole family. 🤗 IT makes me laugh Just like the first time that I watched IT. I remember every detail of movies that’s I love to watch It once. 😂 My husband can watch movies over and over again my son too hahaha I can’t only home Alone🤗😂💃🏾

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  3. Omg I am the same way with movies! I can only watch them once unless it’s child related. Home alone is a great movie! My favorite Christmas movie is The Polar Express. One year I watched it 13 times in a row. Ha! I’ve gotta look for Greenleaf. Thanks for sharing!


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