My Apt Complex Hates Me


Sorry to interrupt the flow of bright and cheery Blogmas but I needed to vent to you guys. Don’t worry, I won’t take up too much of your time. So today was going pretty well for me. I got to catch up on some lost sleep and Isaiah was extra funny today. I was excited to make pasta for dinner today. Spaghetti with red sauce and sweet Italian chicken sausage. Oh, and a side of garlic toast. I didn’t get to eat though because it was getting late and I wanted to Dash for a bit. So I decided to just go and eat when I get back. I was also eager to leave because I had packages I’d been waiting for finally delivered. I got a confirmation email and everything. I asked my boyfriend when he came home from work if he’d seen any of the packages on his way in and he said no. I should’ve known something was up right then and there but I just assumed maybe it was at the front door this time. I go to check and there was nada. No packages at all. I started to get upset but I told myself maybe it’s by the complex mailboxes. I go to my car so I can drive to the mailboxes and then realize there is a TICKET ON MY CAR!!! I left my car running, snatched the ticket, and ran back inside to show my boyfriend. I was furious!

Every single person in the complex parks where I parked. I’d been parking there for a few months now too. Also, no signs are stating I couldn’t park there, or else I would’ve never done it. I’m so sick of this complex you guys. I went back to my car and just cried to my mom on the phone. I was so shocked at how fast my day flipped. We prayed together. It helped. I’m still upset but hey, what much can I do now? I messaged Amazon for one of the packages and they said to give it 2 more days. If I don’t get it I can get another one or my money back. Which I guess aren’t bad options. Let’s just hope my luck turns in the next few days and it was just a fluke in the system. I’m expecting 3 packages y’all. THREE!

On a lighter note, I wanted to share a song I heard while watching Gilmore Girls and eating my pasta dinner. It was such a beautiful scene, I had to re watch it 2 more times. Luke and Lorelai are in the town square waltzing together in renaissance like outfits. It put such a big smile on my face.

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