Isaiah’s 1st Birthday Photoshoot

Today is a very special day everyone because it’s my son, Isaiah’s 1st birthday! I still can’t believe a full year has passed by so quickly. This time last year I was holding my brand new bundle of joy. I entered the joyous world of motherhood. What better way to celebrate than by doing a cake smash photoshoot?

I figured since I had my own camera, why not do the shoot myself? I’ve never done a photoshoot nor do I ever see myself being a photographer but I do put my camera to good use. I got all of the other supplies used from Amazon. You can have the perfect shoot right at home in your living room.

This shoot wasn’t easy but taking pictures of a 1-year-old isn’t the easiest job in the world so kudos to all the real photographers out there. Isaiah didn’t even really want the cake! I’ll be posting the behind the scenes footage on my YouTube channel so make sure to look out for that. Now for what you’re all waiting for… I hope you enjoy these pictures of my handsome little guy.

The pictures were edited by my lovely friend Stef!

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24 thoughts on “Isaiah’s 1st Birthday Photoshoot

  1. Aw, what adorable pictures of your little boy! I love the balloons and the background, and his mini afro is glorious. Congratulations for his first birthday, and congratulations to you for a full year of motherhood. I’ll definitley be checking out that behind-the-scenes video!


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  2. These turned out so cute! Great job taking the pictures and setting everything up yourself. The little guy is so well-behaved he barely got any cake on himself haha

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