Okay Sis What’re You doing

February Lookahead

… 2 months later

Hello everyone and happy February! Yes, it’s a happy February. I’m back, and I’m here to stay. So sorry about my lack of presence here on WordPress (cue the tiny violins). I needed to clear my mind. I was feeling pretty terrible, mentally. It was the worst I’ve felt in years actually. I kept trying to force myself to come back and return as normal but I just couldn’t do that. I couldn’t fake it. So I took as long as I needed to mentally feel strong again and to get my groove back.

pity party mr crabs GIF

Emotions can be a killer but we have to feel them. It’s normal. One of the feelings I couldn’t budge was loneliness. In a world full of people, I couldn’t help but feel lonely. With loved ones and a beautiful son, I still felt lonely. I would’ve much rather move far away and be lonely where I have no one, rather than feel lonely where I have everyone. This pandemic has not been easy. For the most part, I’ve lost all motivation and even some faith but I refuse to carry on that way for much longer. My boyfriend and I came together and agreed we needed a little bit of change. Our living space was just feeling too bleh since taking down our exciting Christmas decorations. So he surprised me with some new pieces, one being a beautiful floor lamp and a new cubby with the cutest bins! It brightened up the space immediately. It was the first step to getting a little bit more pep in our step.

With that being said, February will be my month to get back on track. I’ve already started mapping out my content calendar. This month I’ll be posting a few things that were meant to be posted in January (Instagram included), so bear with me please! I’m excited to share my year 2020 in pictures and also my word of the year. Stay posted for those!

I couldn’t forget to mention that it was Black History Month, an annual holiday that pays tribute to generations of African Americans! Y’all definitely already know that but I’m late to the month so again, happy Black History Month! There is much to chat about that I’d also like to get into this month.

I must say, it feels great to be somewhat organized again. I’ve still got some work to do, but at least I dipped my foot in the water. I’m ready to work. I’m coming back stronger and a lot more motivated. Thank you all for being so great. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. If you’re on the east coast you may be witnessing yet another snow storm. The snow is beautiful but this whole parking lot situation at my complex is not. Snow removal is not really a priority around here. Any-who, are you watching the Super Bowl? We are watching on this end. Unfortunately, I am not prepared with junky snacks but Im sure I can whip something yummy up. Talk soon! 



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8 thoughts on “Okay Sis What’re You doing

  1. I’m so sorry you went through that but I am SO glad you’re back and feeling better! I know how it feels to be in a dark place like that and it’s doesn’t help that we can’t go out as much or have a “normal” routine right now with everything going on.


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