Decorate Your Space With PhotoWall!

Decorating my home has quickly become one of my favorite hobbies since moving into my own place. Thats why I was so excited to jump at this opportunity that PhotoWall has given me! PhotoWall is a Swedish based company that provides quality products like wall murals, canvas prints, posters, and more! PhotoWall offers a variety of art, from abstract to your favorite locations, animals, floral prints, and again so. much. more.

The process is really easy. First I went on their website to choose my favorite design. After a while of browsing, I just couldn’t decide! They had so much to choose from. So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool If I surprised my boyfriend with a painting he’d absolutely love?! So I chose his favorite animal, the Lion. You’re able to customize the dimensions to your liking as well as including a frame or not (I chose the frame).

The website claims they’ll ship your product in 1-4 days and that they did because I received mine in just one week! All the way from Sweden. The package arrived in a long narrow box. My boyfriend and I were a bit confused when it arrived. We expected a much bigger box! Inside you’ll find easy to read instructions and everything else you’ll need to put your canvas together. Everything was placed so nice and strategically including the rolled up canvas print.

If you want to see the full unboxing and the building process then check out my YouTube video! 

When putting your canvas together make sure to do it on a flat surface like they tell you to. We made that silly mistake which you’ll see in the video. Ha! It’s all about precision and lining those wooden frame pieces up right. After getting that right the rest was a breeze.

Environmental Efforts

I like how PhotoWall does their part in taking care of the environment. PhotoWall only produces the exact amount of products that they need which stops unnecessary discarding of extra art. Their printing ink is free of solvents, hazardous chemicals, and is biodegradable. My favorite thing is that they plant 5000 trees every year near Lake Victoria in East Africa.


Last Thoughts

My main concern was what a DIY canvas was going to look like. I’m pretty crafty but not that crafty. I’m happy to say that PhotoWall made the process fairly easy. My boyfriend added that he liked the fact that we didn’t need to take out any tools or extras. Everything we needed was provided for us right in the box. I can’t wait until we are homeowners so we can put up some of the beautiful wall murals I’ve seen. My boyfriend is already talking about what he wants to get next. Another really awesome feature is that you can upload your own photos and create your own personal canvas!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review post. If you liked it and want to get something for yourself (or maybe a gift for someone else) then make sure to check out their website and use my code: tianiangela25  for a 25% discount off your order! My code will only be valid for 2 months so get your art on!

*Disclaimer: I’ve received this product in exchange for a review, however, all opinions are always my own. Okurrrrr!


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