Cute Dollar Tree Finds

One of my favorite stores ever is the Dollar Tree. They literally have everything for only a dollar. From decor to Betty Crocker mug cakes. All things you certainly wouldn’t expect. Since the spring is here I thought I could brighten up the space a little bit by adding some new items!

I truly love flowers and plants but I don’t have the extra time to properly care for them. So the next best thing is to throw some fake ones in a vase. Super easy! Look how well it pops! It looks nice especially when the sun is shining in. I love it.

Can you believe this mirror was from the Dollar tree? I’m so glad my friend pointed it out because it would be a shame to pass up this antique-like piece. I hung it right next to the door mostly so I can see myself on the way out… ha!

My bathroom walls have been bare since Christmas time. It’s felt pretty boring so I was so excited when I saw this mini wall art hidden behind some other things. It’s especially perfect for this time in life.

If you want to see more of the goodies that I got from Dollar Tree then check out my newest video!

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12 thoughts on “Cute Dollar Tree Finds

  1. It’s so cool to find treasures like that at discount stores or thrift stores. I am all about finding stuff like that!

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  2. We have Dollar Tree here but it’s not as good as the ones in the states. Personally, I love Dollarama for all of the reasons you mentioned. It’s all about the hunt and finding incredible deals! My favorite things include seasonal items like Easter and Valentines merch. I’ve saved a ton of money buying Easter stuff from Dollarama and it makes my 4-year old happy.

    There happens to be an amazing Dollar Tree in British Columbia in an isolated town. I found so much cool stuff there and hope to go back one day. I don’t live near a Dollar Tree so I hardly go there.

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  3. It really is all about the hunt or else you wont find anything good! And no matter it its Dollaramama or Dollar Tree it still does the job 😁

    I do hope you get to visit that isolated town one day again though. Thanks so much for reading and sharing!

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