The Perfect Quarantine Ab Workout

Hey there again! I hope everyone is having a good day or night wherever you are. I was kinda late on my earlier post so today you guys get 2 posts! Any-who, I tried another ab challenge! I had a lot of fun with the last one.

I was scrolling through Pinterest a few weeks ago in bed at night like I usually do. I came across a 14-day ab challenge. 2 weeks was the amount of time I thought this “quarantine” would last. I was wrong. It was indeed a perfect amount of time for a challenge.

While I was staying home more, I found myself wanting to eat because I was bored and I definitely stopped going to the gym because of germs (at this time they were still open). I needed to do another motivating challenge!

So for this challenge I wasn’t really eating specific things or on any specific diet. I just made sure not to go overboard. I’ve definitely been doing a lot more cooking and I think that’s also helped. There was a day where I literally didn’t eat anything at all (don’t ever do that) but sometimes life literally just punches me in the gut and food doesn’t appeal to me. Other than that I’ve just been going with the flow!

Unfortunately, just like the last challenge I did, I failed. I missed 3 days guys! I’m not beating myself up about it though because this was challenging! I made it more than halfway through. You’ll definitely feel the burn with this one. I think this is good if you are looking to tone your stomach. I’m definitely going to give this one another shot. For now, I think I need a little break.


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5 thoughts on “The Perfect Quarantine Ab Workout

  1. It’s going okay! I just have one exam left and then I’m done which is awesome but also I feel like I’ll just get super bored at home so I may take some classes in spring/summer.


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