An Interview With Nurse Tasha #ad

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Did you guys know that Tuesday, April 7th was World Health Day? A day that recognizes nurses, midwives, and other health care workers. I thought it would be cool to actually interview a nurse. Luckily for me, my sister is one of the nurses working on the front lines. We are all so proud of her! img_8646

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I applaud all healthcare workers who vowed to take care of others. Since I know they are extremely busy and probably exhausted I only asked 3 questions.

1. What’s it like being on the front lines?

Being frontline is very scary due to what you see when patients come in. It’s one thing to hear about it but when you see it, it’s totally different. You have to stay strong for the patients and families of all the sick ones. There are no visitors in the hospital so we have to show compassion and keep calm knowing we are the last faces and voices some patients will see and hear.


2. What are some ways we can help ourselves stay healthy

Ways to keep healthy is keeping our immune system strong, Get good night rest, wash your hand’s number one thing wash your hands. Vitamin c is very good for you.

3. In the middle of all of this, do you find yourself wishing you had chosen a new profession?

Through all of this no, I would never pick another profession. I love helping people. The hospital is my second family we pray together and fight together. This is my passion

Okay, that first answer gave me chills. Thank you, Tasha, for taking the time out of your crazy day to answer these questions. Thank you. New Jersey thanks you! We all thank you!

If you have any questions for Tasha, leave them below and I can try to wrangle them out of her when the time is right!


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  1. Wow it is so amazing that your sister is out there putting her life at risk to help others! DP Healthnow also seems like a really great way for people to get affordable healthcare.

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    Read this awesome post by Tiani and had to reblog it! Her sister is actually a nurse and is working hard during this pandemic to save lives. Check out the interview she did with her sister as well as the information listed about healthcare. And if you want to see a part two of the interview be sure to leave some questions for her sister in the comments!

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