The Pros of Adulting | 300 Followers!

Hi everyone! First I want to say thank you so much for reaching 300 followers! I am so grateful to everyone who takes the time to read my posts and actually like them enough to follow and subscribe. I love writing and sharing parts of my life! I’ll keep doing it because you guys also motivate me. Make sure you follow my Instagram for more!

Nearly 2 months ago, I moved out of my house with my family to live on my own. It’s now just the 3 of us, my boyfriend, me, and our son. Alot of the major things in the house were done by my mom, grandma, or older sister. So taking care of a home is completely new to me. I like to call this real life adulting. Today I’m  going to share with you what I think the best parts of living on my own. Tomorrow I’ll share the not so good parts.

You get to pick furniture

Picking furniture and decorating our apartment has been such a fun experience. The only furniture I’ve ever picked was my bedroom set. It’s really cool to see my ideas and visions come to light. I put together some design plans before we moved of how I wanted everything to look. Here is an example!

Planning at its finest!

Come in and leave as you please

My mom was always very trusting when it came to going out with my friends. As I got older all I had to do was tell her when I was leaving and where. But, I still hated coming home extra late at night. I didn’t want to wake anyone up or be loud stumbling in at a late hour with my keys jingling extra loud. Y’all know everything is louder when your family is asleep. I don’t go to many places at the moment but it’s nice to jingle my keys at a late hour and not wake anyone up.

Cooking whenever and whatever

I love to cook. I always enjoyed cooking but never really had the opportunity to cook the way I really wanted to. Now that I have my own fridge, pantry space, and well a whole kitchen, its a whole new territory now! Cooking has become very therapeutic for me especially when there isn’t someone telling me how I should and shouldn’t cook my food (sorry grandma). You also don’t have to wait to use the stove!

Avocado veggie burger… hold the buns

I talk more about food here!

You get to use products you love

I enjoy using as many natural products in my home as possible. Currently, I am obsessing over Mrs. Meyers limited edition Rose scented dish soap.


You get to wear less clothes 

This might be a bit personal but that’s okay because it’s my personal blog right? There’s no greater feeling than wearing just a Tshirt and underwear while watching a good show or movie on Netflix. Especially after a really long day. It’s quite freeing.

This feeling of power and maturity

I can’t explain how magical this feeling is. It was extremely hard for me to move away from my family. My mom especially because we are so close. It’s only been about 2 months but in those 2 months I’ve gained even more responsibilities on top of caring for my baby boy. Although its not easy all the time I still get it done and its the greatest feeling at the end of the day.

What were some of the best things about living on your own? If you haven’t lived on your own, then what can’t you wait to do when you do? What are some of your favorite household products? I want to know it all! Make sure to come back tomorrow to find out the CONS of adulting!

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @T_scorner and my latest video on Youtube💋


10 thoughts on “The Pros of Adulting | 300 Followers!

  1. OMG congratulations on the followers- you deserve every one of them and so many more!!

    I can so relate to everything you mentioned on this list. I’ve been living on my own for like three years now and the feeling you get when you start living alone is just so indescribable but awesome. It’s like you’re finally an adult. And the being able to cook what you want is so relatable! My mum is super into healthy food but now that I live alone I have eaten so many things she would never have even let me bring into the house lol!! And all summer I have been roaming around in a huge tee and underwear just chilling at home haha!

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  2. Painting the walls the colors you want . I know it seems wierd but I love having lilac and mint walls . If I ever had my own house And could paint it , I would go with a vibrant turquoise or a bright pink . Its actually a common sight in Mexico , but the US seems to be afraid of bright houses lol .

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  3. At this point and time yes 😂 So many people are like oh no ! But I live in a desert and I see many people thinking the only colors they can use are tans , sand, and browns . But the actual desert itself has , turquoise and blues ( lots of cool minerals that are these colors) red, pinks , and yellows . Not to mention the vibrant desert flowers which can be super bright .

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