Isaiah’s VocabuLarry Themed Birthday

Hey there everyone! Thank you so much for the sweet words and comments for Isaiah’s birthday. We appreciate the love so much! He’s only 1 but it feels like he’s been around forever.

Under the circumstances, I’m very happy with the turn out of his 1st birthday. We had our closest family and friends over including on Zoom!

We decided to go with a character theme and as you can tell by the title, we chose BabyFirst Tv’s VocabuLarry. Isaiah loves that bird! I feel like not too many people know about this character so finding decorations and supplies weren’t the easiest. I took lots of time and research.

I’ve never actually decorated full out before (if that makes sense). So I wanted this to literally be perfect. Especially for my little guy who probably had no idea what was happening. Although he did know it was a VocabuLarry overload because he was so excited when he saw everything.

I got everything VocabuLarry related from Etsy which I will link and leave more info as I get into it. The rest of the supplies were either from the dollar store or party city.

Quick tip: Check the dollar store before going to your typical party stores. You’d be surprised how much of the same exact stuff they have just for less.


I got the balloon garland kit from Etsy as well. I never thought I’d know how to make my own balloon garland by myself but thanks to Twigs and Twirls it was super easy. The kit came with easy to read instructions, a hand pump, a decorating strip, and something to stick the balloons with.

It was definitely an arm work out pumping all of those balloons. I had my sidekick next to me but he just wanted to mess around with everything. He just wanted to play with whatever he got his hands on.

I got the big 1 balloon set from party city caption

The only tiny issue we came across was getting it to actually stick and stay to the wall. We ended up having to use thick blue tape but that didn’t bother me. Whatever we had to do to get it to stick.

Follow their Instagram!


The cupcake decorations, Larry gift boxes, and ceiling decorations were from Amy’s Card & Party Shoppe. Everything was really easy to put together as well. We did have a mishap where I was sent 2nd birthday party decor instead of 1st birthday but Amy was so quick with her response and sent the right ones out the next day. I was so happy!


The goody bag tags were from GabrielPrints on Etsy. All we had to do was download and cut them out which was great.


The cake we had was absolutely delicious. It was made by @Mercyslittlebakery. We got a Dominican cake which is actually my favorite. It was a huge hit with my family and friends. Isaiah was in love as soon as he saw Larry on the cake!

Our cupcakes were made by my best friend @Bakedwithgi and of course, she hooked it up with the best flavor of all time funfetti!

I originally wanted to vlog the decorating process but I had so many things happening at once. All in all this was the better choice. Ha! I hope you guys enjoyed this little run down of Isaiah’s VocabuLarry themed 1st birthday! Check out the links below for more.

1 Year Baby Boy Check-in
Isaiah’s 1st Birthday Photoshoot
Behind The Scenes of Isaiah’s Cake Smash Shoot
1st Year Video

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on YouTube💋


6 thoughts on “Isaiah’s VocabuLarry Themed Birthday

  1. Wow, it’s incredible that you put so much effort into making his big day special! Isaiah was one luck birthday boy 🙂 Mmm those cakes looked delicious. I’ve always wanted to have a birthday party with themed decorations. Next time I’m definitley going to Etsy!

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