1 Year Baby Boy Check-in

1 year you guys. It’s really been 1 full year since Isaiah was born. I can’t wrap my head around it and I know he will only get older. It seems like I was just writing my 6 Month Check-in post. It’s been a wonderful year filled with lots of ups but still had its downs. I’m so lucky to be Isaiah’s mommy. He truly is a blessing.


It fascinates me that Isaiah used to be this tiny little thing that barely had control over his arms and now he is standing so strong and tall. Per our 1 year checkup, Isaiah is 20 pounds and 30.7 inches. He wears 12-month clothing for the most part but some brands don’t fit over his head. 18-month clothing fits a little loose but he’ll definitely grow into it fast.


My little guy loves to chow down. He pretty much much eats what we eat just cut up onto pieces. I take pride in making sure Isaiah eats nutritious meals. We alternate between eggs, cheerios, or whole wheat French toast for breakfast. He loves to have fresh fruit for lunch. His favorites are smooshed blueberries. Isaiah is a big fan of my greens which makes me happy. For dinner, he always has a side of vegetables and I would say that his favorite is between sweet potato and broccoli. Can you blame him?! Those are my favorite veggies as well. Some of his favorite little snacks are the Baby Mum Mum rice rusks. Isaiah still takes the formula from the bottle. He is also still on Elecare for his milk and soy intolerance. We talked to the GI specialist on introducing him to whole milk and so far we’ve had no issues. We were advised to start with Yo Baby yogurt. He drinks 4 6.5 bottles a day but we’ll start to wean him off.


Sleep. One of my favorite words. Last checkup I had mentioned we were having a bit of trouble transitioning him into his crib. Since then we kind of failed to continue with sleep training. So we don’t have a consistent sleep schedule. Any-who, for the most part, Isaiah will sleep throughout the night. He’ll sleep in his crib all the way up until 3/4 am and then he will wake up and start looking for us. We always end up bringing him back to sleep with us because let’s be real… at 3/4 am you just want to be sleeping. I don’t have a problem with it. I love cuddling with my little guy! At least we are still getting sleep. Nothing is as worse as newborn sleep.


I used to think Isaiah was never going to get teeth. He started teething really early but had gums for the longest time. Now he has 6 teeth! He has 2 front teeth on the bottom and 4 teeth on the top. His pearly whites make smiling 50 times better! I can look at his teeth all day. We brush his teeth every night using his Dr. Brown’s toothbrush and Happy Teeth Fluoride-free toothpaste. Toothbrushing time is not the easiest either. The only downside to all these teeth is how hurtful it is when a 1 year old bites you. Rubbing tooth oil on his gums has become something I dread but you gotta do what you gotta do right? Even if that means playing games with a tiny shark.


It is such a privilege and a blessing to be able to watch a tiny human evolve. It’s an amazing thing to see. Each day Isaiah shows me how smart he is and how big he’s getting. He’s not just a baby anymore.

This little guy is faster than ever. I know crawling is not a milestone but I was still concerned about him not being able to due to not much floor time earlier in the year. But, he proved me wrong by crawling as fast as he does. At around 9/10 months he started cruising on the couch and whatever else he could find or hold. Now he’s practically walking on his own. He’s still a bit scared so he will take a few steps and plops on the ground.

Isaiah loves to clap and dance. If he even hears the word clap in any context he’ll just start clapping. It’s so cute! There’s this one Little Baby Bum song that he just cant get enough of. He follows the characters on the screen. It’s literally so cute and I can’t get enough.

He is such a happy baby boy. He laughs all the time especially when his dad and I are laughing. He won’t even know what’s funny but he just chimes in. We start laughing even more! He also laughs at funny faces, dancing, some tv shows, and much more. One night I even heard him laughing in his sleep. That was creepy at first but then it got cute.

Isaiah is a very active and talkative little guy. He swears he’s having a real conversation most of the time. He’s still pretty much only into saying da da da. He’s started to say mama but only when he wants something or extra cranky. He understands some commands like when I ask him to give me something or share.

I can’t believe it’s been 1 whole year. I’ve never loved anyone or anything like how I love my baby boy. I’ve never felt such a strong urge to want to protect and nurture. I look forward to each new day with my baby because they are all blessings. Here’s to 1! Mommy and Daddy love you!

I posted a little video of Isaiah from birth till 1 and you can watch that by clicking here!
Make sure to check out our 1st birthday photoshoot and new behind the scenes video here!

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10 thoughts on “1 Year Baby Boy Check-in

  1. Happy birthday to your handsome son. It is amazing how fast he will grow; therefore, enjoy every moment and take as many photos and videos as possible for him to look back on his life. My husband and I were talking yesterday that we wished our parents had done that for us. We are definitely doing that for our our granddaughter who is four years old. Your son will thank you for it and you will be glad you did it. Have a wonderful day and remain safe.

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