The Time I Punched a Guy in the Face

The title really explains it all. This is going to be a really short storytime post. I can’t believe I don’t tell this story as much as I probably should.

Years ago my family and I visited Madame Tussauds museum in New York. It was a really fun time. At the time I was 14 years old so a trip to the city was always a good time. I loved to see all the action. Anyway, we went to this cool wax museum. If you didn’t know, this museum is filled with your favorite celebrities but just built with wax. I was a Believer back then so I just had to get a picture with the infamous Justin Bieber.

What I didn’t know about this museum is that there was a little spooky haunted house at the end. I’m sure you don’t have to participate in it but my whole family was going through so I didn’t want to be the odd one out. So of course I took my happy little “brave” self through the haunted house.

Just when I thought it was over, someone jumped out at me just steps away from the exit. My first instinct was to throw a punch. I socked the guy in costume right in the nose. “Omg, I am so so sorry!” I said. The guy just held his nose and put a thumbs up. Everyone around just looked so shocked. Even I was shocked! The poor man was just doing his job.

To this day I am still terrified of haunted houses. In the 9 years since it happened, I can only recall going to 1 and that was in college. BUT I’ve learned since then to keep my arms locked with someone else or just not to go at all! 😊

That’s it for this super short storytime! I hope you guys got at least a chuckle out of it. What are some insane things you’ve done in the name of Halloween? Let me know in the comments below.

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