2021 I’m Not Ready for You

Hi there everyone and Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and rung in the new year safely. I’m a little bit late to the game, I know. I feel like I’m just late to 2021 in general lol. Anywho, I left you guys off last week with reviewing last year’s Word of the Year. What I forgot to mention was how frantic I was feeling.

I just so happened to post on a pretty awful day. Lighthearted was already prewritten and scheduled so I didn’t have to worry about it. It was just bad timing. I didn’t enter 2021 with nearly as much excitement as I thought I’d have (no excitement is probably more accurate). I knew I had so much to do and so little time. I had it all written down but I managed to get about 2-3 done. My mind was and still sort of is just so crowded. Some thoughts unwanted and some normal. It’s like I want to do stuff but just can’t. I’ve been kind to myself though so not to worry. I don’t beat myself up over the stuff I should’ve done by now. I just applaud myself for what I have done and move on. I can continue tomorrow. Even doing just 1 thing on my list is enough to make me feel a little less pathetic.

(This is one of my all time favorite catfish moments and episodes. I’m sorta feeling like Jose these days, a lot has been on my mind lol.)

2021, I am not ready for you. Most people including myself believe that the new year is a new start (and it is) and that you must change or adapt to your new “lifestyle” right away. Let me tell you this now, I have no real goals or resolutions. I stopped doing resolutions anyway due to them usually being unattainable. However, I do plan on listing some short term goals I have a lot of faith in. As well as creating a new vision board. I found that to be fun and useful as well. One thing I have done was organize my 2021 “stationery” I guess you can say. I love fresh new supplies.

(You can check out how I prepped for the new year and have a chit chat with me by watching my new YouTube video here)


As you can tell, I haven’t really established my blogging schedule. It’ll most likely stay the same but I do have some new ideas I’d like to introduce this year. I’ll slowly be making my way back as I continue to try and get my mind back on track. There is no rush. I just keep telling myself that. It also really helps that this is such an incredible community. Here are some of the super random personal things that I still need to get done.

Pesky Thinks I Still Need to Do for the New Year:

  • Restock my car with emergency items
    • Toll money
    • Travel size items
    • Baby supply
  • Clean my car
    • Car wash is definitely needed
  • Organize my vanity
  • Get rid of clothing
  • Clean my stove
  • Give myself a mani/pedi
  • Sort through Isaiah’s toys

To end the post on a much lighter note I’d like to share some pretty awesome news. My son (15 months) signed to me for the first time! I’ve been teaching him how to say “more” in ASL since he was about 5 months. He did it once yesterday asking for more of my bagel and once again today asking for more crackers. I am so freakin’ proud of him y’all. I’m a tad annoyed at myself for only teaching him literally one word but now I’m more motivated to teach him more.

Here is a happy memory. I’d give anything to be this happy and worry-free for a day. This is the first picture I posted from my first blog post on here TianiAngela. Until next post! xoxo

On a beach somewhere in New Jersey

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on YouTube💋

22 thoughts on “2021 I’m Not Ready for You

  1. I feel you on the new year resolutions, especially after a year like 2020. I am like lets be a little more kind to ourselves. Start off a decent pace. And thats so dope you are teaching your son ASL. I took a class in college and really enjoyed it. Are you completely fluent in ASL?

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  2. So nice to read! Take all the time you need to recoup & just be. Looking forward to reading your content this year 😊 so cool too that your son signed to you! How precious. Take care, blessings to you both x


  3. This year is just moving so fast I’m kinda shocked! I just ended my semester and now my next one is starting in a few days. I have one long term goal and one short term one for this year but that’s about it because after last year I just feel like I don’t want to write anything in stone lol! Also need to clean my stove at some point but I’m too lazy to 😂


  4. Cleaning the stove is sooo annoying!!
    Sorting through toys is something I need to do but I suggest that you do it when your baby is sleeping or in another room 🙂
    There’s so many clothes I need to get rid of but I can’t seem to get rid of them — I get too sentimental but I need to learn to let go. 🙂


  5. I scheduled my post on like that crazy day . I was like oh wow , when I saw the news . Also thats awesome about the ASL , I’m sure it’ll make him happy to be able to communicate , plus if he retains the knowledge when he’s older he could totally help other people too . Idk maybe I’m thinking too far in the future lol

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  6. Exactly! We already been through so much. I am not fluent at all but when I was in 2nd grade (catholic school) they kinda forced us to learn some things. We even had to sign in order to get snack! So I’ve always been intrigued!

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