Hear Me Out

Photo by Nguyễn Thanh Ngọc from Pexels

In one ear and out the other

Millions of thoughts but you still never bother

I’d rather stay shut

I usually end up giving up

Hear me out


These words were running through my mind today and I just wanted to get them down. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the way that I say things or maybe I’m not saying enough but I’m always left feeling misunderstood. In a perfect world, my words wouldn’t cause confusion. I’d feel like I’m in the conversation and not just listening. Stay beautiful all you lovely people! 💗

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5 thoughts on “Hear Me Out

  1. Sometimes it can be hard to get others to understand . And a big problem I have is thinking what I want to say yet not actually saying them . It’s like I know people don’t have telepathy.

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  2. I love writing as well. As a much older person, may I share my advice? Never stop writing! Keep a journal of how you feel and don’t stress about the poetry, or whether or not people “get” you. As the decades roll by, these random musings will become a life journal, a sketch of your state of mind through the decades. And they will not only be enlightening and comforting to you, but they will be a treasure to those who love you. WRITE ON! 🙂


  3. This really hit me hard. I know exactly what it feels like when you try to talk to someone about something you think is important and they don’t listen. It just feels so disrespectful like what you have to say doesn’t matter.

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