Social Anxiety Sucks

It started off small. I stopped using Facetime because I just felt awkward most of the time.

Then I had a hard time talking on the phone using just audio.

(Text much? Tell me about it…)

All of a sudden staying home sounded better than going out. Group settings made me nervous. One on one interactions made me uncomfortable. Talking to almost anyone became unexplainably hard. I was just always nervous.What was happening to me? When did I start having social anxiety?


Have you ever been to the store and responded “you too” to the cashier who has just sadly told you “receipts in the bag”?

If so, have you dwelled on it the whole entire day? Do you beat yourself up about what you shouldve  said?

Ive done all of these things and have felt like a fool after.

Today I went outside to move my car in my normal parking spot and just as I got in the car the mail carrier drove up. Into my parking spot, of course. I started to panic and ask myself if I should go back inside. But then that would be too awkward and he would know I’m hiding from him. I then proceeded to wait in my car pretending to be on the phone until he drove so far it was impossible to see him.

Now I’m pretty sure our mail carrier doesnt care about what I do or where I park. It’s just my social anxiety.

This is something surprising for me because Im

usually a people person! I love people but people also intimidate me.

What is Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety is a lot more common than you think. It’s the 3rd largest mental health problem in the world.

Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. It is also the fear of being negatively judged by other people. Having social anxiety can prevent some people from making friends, joing groups, or engaging in social interactons.

Some triggers can be

  • Making eye contact with others
  • Being the center of attention
  • Talking in a public setting
  • Being watched while doing something

Social anxiety can be different for everyone but I’m sure of one thing and it’s not easy. Who wants to live with constant sweaty palms and worry? Not every day is like this for me. There are days I feel so confident no one can intimidate me. Then there are days I feel like living in my own cocoon forever. Ive leaned to just go with my emotions because the sucky thing about anxiety is it doesnt really go away.

Please seek help if you really need it.

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23 thoughts on “Social Anxiety Sucks

  1. I’ve done the “you too” answer to grocery store and fast food workers . Its kind of awkward but it does happen. I don’t have super social anxiety but my bf does and he usually avoids going out too often . So we just kind of go out when we absolutely have to , and grocery shop at night . Its nothing too severe but I can understand how anxiety can happen.

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  2. My husband suffers from social anxiety. He loves his job but people don’t understand him. It hurts because not everyone is social. I dislike how people treat him. I understand what you’re dealing with. Just know there are people who care.

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  3. I think even for people who don’t have social anxiety , it can sometimes be too much to be around everyone or a crowd. Its perfectly normal to just want to have some peace and quiet.

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  4. I’m a people person too but have crazy social anxiety which is very frustrating. Like you said it never really goes away but I think over time you learn your triggers and figure out what techniques help calm you down.

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  5. I felt this post! I really hate that social anxiety can get in the way of life sometimes and people are so quick to judge without even knowing what’s really going on with you.

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  6. I used to compete in public speaking competitions and I was always known for being really confident. Idk when I started being awkward and anxious around people and it’s really changed the way I interact with others. I just don’t feel like a people person anymore and would rather keep to myself to avoid weird/negative situations. However, something that I’ve found that helps with not being too awks or anxious is preparing for conversations beforehand. It might sound crazy but when I know I’ll be working with someone/ meeting with someone I think of a list of conversation topics to talk about before and also what my responses might be. It just helps to calm me a little. Great post.

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  7. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s so strange how things happen. It’s funny because one of my favorite classes in college was public speaking. I am definitely gunna try thinking of topics a head of time. Thanks again!

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  8. This is the first time I’m hearing of this contrast of being a people’s person but also having social anxiety and I’m relieved xd because that’s exactly how I’ve always felt and it sometimes drive me crazy what personality am I exactly 😂 usually when I tell people I get anxious in what they think of as negligible life events it’s hard for them imagine cause they’ve watched me being this jolly people’s person. P.S. I’ve done the”you too” and different versions in my childhood way too many times and then had sleepless nights

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  9. You are definitely not alone! I didn’t realize how common this was until now. I completely agree with the sleepless nights and its so funny because when you look back at it you think to yourself… was it really that serious? 😂😭😂


  10. I felt this post in my bones! Small things like ordering mobile order at Starbucks so I don’t need to talk to the cashier, or just being out in public at restaurants on dates would trigger my social anxiety. I’ve had social anxiety for as long as I can remember, but going to therapy consistently over the last 2 years has helped so much!

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