Spring 2021 Bath & Body Works Haul

My nose has never been more satisfied walking into Bath & Body Works the other day. The Spring season means new candle scents, and this girl right here was beyond excited. I was able to catch their 3 wick candle sale which meant paying $14.50 for 1 instead of $24.50. That’s a steal! Especially for such good candles. So I got 6! 3 for me and 3 for my mom.

Now, I thought it was best to let you guys know that I’ve never purchased a candle from Bath & Body Works before. I’ve never even gone into the store. I’ve gotten their lotions and mini sets as gifts though. So I am very familiar with them. I became intrigued with their candles after walking into my bestie’s lovely smelling apartment. Let me tell you a little about the scents I picked up! (Not all are from the spring collection but I still had to share!)

Black Cherry Merlot


This was the scent my friend always has lit in her home and it caught my eye nose. It has a strong cherry smell but it’s not so sweet (if that makes sense). I’ve been burning this one since I got it and let it tell you, this candle does the job, as I’m sure they all do. The aroma fills my whole apartment. My boyfriend even smelt it outside before coming in. He is also a fan of the Black Cherry Merlot.

Passionfruit Banana Flower


Y’all know I had to pick this one up being that it was pink! Right away you get that strong fruity scent similar to their lotions. You get that sweet hint of passionfruit right at the beginning. I hate bananas so I’m glad I don’t get banana smell first waft. You have to search for the banana which I like. I think the floral addition is what’s shining over it. Love it!

Eucalyptus + Spearmint


This scent is Eucalyptus + Spearmint and it’s from their Aromatherapy collection. It smells exactly as it says and just like it would in a spa. Although, I would say I get more of the eucalyptus. Not complaining because I smelled so much mint when I was pregnant that I’m tired of it now. I find it relaxing especially as I let it burn on this drizzling day. Do you guys remember how much I love the rain?

Vine Leaf Pedestal Candle Holder


There were just a few choices to choose from but this one was too cute to pass up. They go for $15.95. It’s sturdy and has a nice finish so I feel it’s worth the price. I put the lid in first before the candle so that the top lifts a bit and I have a better grip on getting it out when I’m finished. Nonetheless, I love it and it’s a cute addition to my decor.

Now for the candles that I picked out for my mom. I called her ahead of time and asked if she had any specific preferences but she just kept saying surprise me. So surprise I did!


Warm Ocean Breeze

This one happens to be my mom’s favorite! It does smell amazing. It sort of hard to explain but it smells like a summer day. It’s fresh, fruity, and a little bit tropical.

Rose Water & Ivy

I thought this Rose scented candle was perfect for my mom, Rosemarie! No, but seriously, it was perfect for her. I wanted it for myself but I could say that about all of them. I love how it has a strong but subtle rose smell. Floral is always nice to me.

Peach Bellini

Talk about peachy! This one is your typical sweet-smelling candle. I usually hate all things peach (smell, taste, everything), but this candle smells amazing. When I first smelled it I thought to myself, wow, this is the best peach I’ve ever smelled. 10 out of 10 would smell again.

Whew, so many delicious scents. If you want to see more you should check out my friend Ingrid’s YouTube channel where she posted her haul. We went on this Bath & Body Works trip together! Let her know I sent you! 😉

I hope you enjoyed my candle haul! Are you into candles? Which scent would you like the most? Or which one have you smelled? Let me know in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Spring 2021 Bath & Body Works Haul

  1. Those candles sound amazing! I love candles. I’m just not in a situation where I can use them right now


  2. I love candles so much! Especially B&BW, since they always smell strong and delightful! I haven’t tried any of these yet… Looks like I need to go shopping 🛍️💸🤣😋😃

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  3. The best deal I ever got on these 3-wick candles in Canada were $12.00 each but that’s super duper rare! Paying $25 for one candle is ridiculous to me, but I really do like their scents. My favorite is island margarita followed by eucalyptus spearmint.

    I have the cherry merlot in hand sanitizer and it smells really nice 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You know I am obsessed with scented candles so I absolutely loved this post! It also reminded me I need to buy some more because there is no such things as too many scented candles 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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