It’s Gonna Be MAY

Happy May everyone! It’s that time of year again when I get to bust out one of my favorite memes of all time. The infamous Justin Timberlakes, “It’s gonna be me May”.

Whenever I see that picture, I get really cheesy and excited because it means my birthday is just a few days away. It’s also just the overall excitement of starting a new month. What to do this month? How can I be better? It can be a mini fresh start!

There are many things about May that I adore besides my birthday, like how colorful nature gets, and today I was able to share some of that with Isaiah!

The weather around here lately has been odd, to say the least. It’s either too wet from rain, icy from hail, or windy enough to knock me down. Who wants to spend time outside in that? I’ve also noticed fewer blossoming trees for this time of year.

Anywho, today was such an unbelievably gorgeous day out (around 69 degrees), I decided to take Isaiah for an outdoor adventure aka a walk. It was so much fun to see the world through his eyes. It made me appreciate the little things even more.

Isaiah was in full on action mode during our walk. He pointed out every single thing that he saw. It was like a fun game for him! The people driving by happily waved to him as he pointed at their cars and screamed out what color it was. He even told me if they were going too fast or slow.

One of my favorite things to doodle are flowers, so he always comes over to me and says “Mommy’s flowers”. He also likes to point them out in books or pictures. During our walk he pointed out these colorful plants in excitement and said they were my flowers (I melted)! However, he got too excited and he tried to stomp on them but I explained to him that he has to be nice to nature and flowers. Then, he noticed the tall trees and started to compare all the tree sizes. “That tree is bigger!” and “That tree is smaller!” My little guy is so smart.

As we were nearing the end of our walk he saw this bush and called it a “rainbow tree”. Wouldn’t life be amazing if we just had rainbow trees all around? I’d probably never go inside. Just near the rainbow tree were these tiny little bushes (they probably have a name) that he called “littler trees”. It was just so heartwarming to see him explore his world and pick up on little things you normally wouldn’t talk about unless you go outside. He’s been fighting a cold so it’s been pretty boring here. We finished the walk off with Isaiah walking the tightrope ( the curb), he was impressive and didn’t take his eye off the prize. Can you imagine how easy nap time was?

What are some things you love about the springtime? Any fun May plans? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. I miss the old WordPress so much. It’s so hard to bring my vision to life when these new editing options make me want to rip my hair out. Sorry just had to vent… ok, bye.

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9 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be MAY

  1. Omg I was waiting for that meme- it’s not May if Justin doesn’t remind us lol!

    Isaiah is growing up and learning sooo fast- he is such a smart little guy! I wish it was spring here but it’s technically winter so it’s just been rainy but to be honest I love that weather so I’m not complaining too much lol 😜

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