Our Big Boy Birthday Trip To LEGOLAND New York

LEGOLAND Resort & Theme Park

𖡡 Goshen, New York

This isn’t our first rodeo at the LEGOLAND park since our now 3-year-old is completely obsessed with LEGOs. Especially, LEGO DUPLO. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listed to the number train song (if you know, you know). However, this was our first time staying at the hotel. We wanted to make Isaiah’s birthday extra special this year.

LEGOLAND New York opened in about spring of 2021 and has made its mark, since! We arrived at the hotel, late in the afternoon, on Isaiah’s birthday. As soon as Isaiah saw this colorful castle-like building, his eyes lit up, and with so much excitement screaming “LEGOLAND! LEGOLAND”! While Dwayne went inside to handle our reservation, we stayed by the car, and of course, mama had to take some pictures! In the meantime, we were starting to lose patience waiting for Dwayne to come back to the car. There was a bit of a mix-up with our online reservation, but the staff was extremely helpful in making sure that everything was in order. Now, let’s go inside!

Our Ninjago Themed Hotel Room

One of the coolest parts about the LEGOLAND Hotel is that you have a few different room themes to choose from. They range from Friends, Kingdom, Ninjago, or Pirate themes. We went with the Ninjago theme since Isaiah already had a stuffed “Jay” from the series. I will say, our room did not disappoint! It was like nothing I’d ever seen before even as an adult! The walls were filled with scenes from the show as well as actual LEGO-built figures up on the wall and all around.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with what seemed to be this magical and mysterious safe. They have left a list of clues that needed figuring out. The answers to the clues would be what opens the safe. It was my mission to open that safe (Isaiah didn’t really care). I will say this though, he sure cared about those fun little prizes inside! Don’t worry, I won’t ruin the surprise unless you want me to.

I liked the layout of the room especially because there was a designated kid zone that had a separate bunk bed and flat-screen tv. So parents, fear not it’s like the kids have their own room. Our little guy still feels safer with us, so he got to sleep in our extra comfortable grown folks’ bed. We had a great sleep!

The bathroom also fell under the cool category since it, of course, matched the Ninjago theme. We also got some lego themed toiletries that actually weren’t bad at all! I just so happened to forget my body wash, but after using theirs, I was pleasantly surprised with how soft it left my skin. Our room also came loaded with coffee, tea, water, and juice which came in handy throughout our stay.

*The resort has a lovely outdoor pool area that we had the perfect view of. Unfortunately, it was closed because of the season.


After checking out our room, we headed over to the park for the last hour, so we didn’t miss the Halloween Brick or Treat event. On the way down to the lobby, we had a surprise elevator party! There was a disco ball on the ceiling that caught us by surprise and started lighting up the elevator as the speakers blasted disco music. It was hard not to start dancing!

The lobby itself is filled with different LEGO figures and blurbs to read. The best part is all the different lego stations for the kids to play with and a whole castle like play area. They were smart to add the Skyline Bar right next to it for all the parents who needed a little refresher (my margarita was lovey, btw). There were more than enough tables, couches, benches, chairs, etc. for everyone to feel comfortable. On top of that, there is an arcade room and LEGO store inside as well and both are open till pretty late!

But the fun didn’t stop there because they even put on a pajama party for all the kids before bedtime. It was so much watching them try to copy the TikTok dances the party host was doing. They played so many good songs to tire them out and ended the night with a picture book story.

Aside from the park having many different food options to choose from, the hotel itself offers a sit-down restaurant called Bricks Family Restaurant. They say you should be safe and have a reservation (which we didn’t know) but we were lucky to get a table at the time we were ready to eat. The same goes for the complimentary breakfast. They are the ONLY restaurant in the hotel. The food was great, y’all. This is where I found my love for fried cheese curds. Yum! If I’m not mistaken, anything you get at the bar can be ordered to go at the bar. You already know I took cheese curds back to my room!


You’ll without a doubt need a whole day to see this park. There is so much to do including rides, activities and site seeing. We arrived a little after they opened (a perk that comes with staying at the hotel) and we were just in time for their fun opening concert. They sang songs and got the crowd warmed up with fun dance moves and tricks. Since it’s October, we got to be a part of the Brick or Treat event that they only offer on the weekends. It was like never-ending trick or treating with all the candy we had gotten walking down the trails of the park. Dwayne and I were in candy heaven. Even the Wicked Hedge Maze had a secret witch’s cauldron with candy.

SPOTTED: Runaway wizard!

With all that walking we were doing, it was nice to finally sit down and catch the next movie. Oh yea, the park also has a 4D cinema, making movies a lot more fun! Prepare to get a little wet from the water and wind-like effects.

Remember earlier how I mentioned Isaiah is obsessed with the number train song. He’s obsessed with the ride too. If he could stay on that ride all day, he would. The actual name of the ride is The Duplo Express. My favorite ride is called, The Dragon. It starts with a slow ride through a magical renaissance land and then quickly progresses into a ride you’d see at a big amusement park. This was the first ride I ever rode by myself in my life (*pats self on the back*).

*Fun fact: LEGO is celebrating 90 years of play this year! They honored this milestone with an enormous LEGO cake in the middle of the park!

LEGOLAND is such an awesome place for both kids (ages 2-12) and adults! We were there for such a short period but it felt like we were able to do so many things. I definitely recommend checking it out if you have one in your area. We can’t wait to come back, stay in a different themed room, and do it all over again. Have you ever been to LEGOLAND?

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