I Have A 3-Year-Old!

I’m a little late but I cannot believe my baby boy turned 3 earlier this month! It’s a part of life, I know, but seeing it happen before your eyes is on a whole different level. Isaiah has given me so much joy, I can’t even explain it. I’m blessed, that’s for sure.

Isaiah is such a smart little boy. He was already talking our ears off, singing, and learning to be self-sufficient but it’s like as soon as he knew he turned 3, there was an instant change. He takes the term “big boy” very seriously.

For example, we had to take a visit to the doctor since he caught a little stomach bug (my poor baby). Usually, he refuses to wear a mask. He never liked them but to be fair he was extremely little when the mask mandate first went into effect. He would fuss and pull it off immediately. Since he’s a “big boy” now, he wore his mask proudly inside the doctor’s office but this time refused to take it off!

It’s little moments like this that put such a huge smile on my face. He could tell it made me happy. One thing about Isaiah is he loves to make his parents happy. He loves to show us how far he can count or even just pick up his leftover snack garbage and throw it out

We are still working on potty training. I don’t want him to feel forced and ultimately end up hating the potty. He understands the concept and will cooperate sometimes but most times it’s a dud. He’ll master it in the new year. We have a blast brushing our teeth, though! He likes to pretend he’s opening his mouth wide like a lion or a tiger. Rawr!


Mommy Mommy Mom Mom

When I was younger, I remember my older sister used to tell her toddler she changed her name to Shelly. I never understood why until now because sometimes I want to be Shelly. One day I need to count how many times he says “mom” or “mommy” just for fun. This little guy asks his mama for anything and everything even if his dad is right in front of his face. I guess I should say that I’m flattered he enjoys talking to me so much.

Watch this video if you want to feel what I feel lol

I live for those days when he wants to just cuddle on the couch while he plays on his tablet. Or when we read stories before bedtime. Just spending time with him is everything to me. Although he enjoys spending time with his best friends aka his parents, he needs his alone time too. Sometimes he’ll take out a stack of books to read by himself or if he is around a group of other kids he doesn’t usually play for that long. I think he gets that from his dad. Ha! We respect it.


Some of Isaiah’s favorite words or phrases to say are:

-No, MINE!
-Help me (He says “hee-elp me”)
-This one
-That one
-Where’s my tablet?
-Go seee…. outside?
-Mommy do it

He speaks very well for the most part. Of course, there are some words he needs help with but that’s normal. It’ll get easier as he gets older.

His favorite books to read at the moment are:

-Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins
-Dinosaurs by Carmen Saldaña
-The Ocean Floor
-Disney Baby ABCs

His favorite activities to do are:

-Go to the playground
-Take walks around the block
-Go visit his grandma aka Noona
-Play with legos
-Go to Legoland
-Go to the zoo
-Learn about dinosaurs
-Run until he is out of breath

Birthday Morning

Sunday, October 2, 2022

I wanted to share his birthday with you all as well! I decorated our living room with a dinosaur wonderland theme and he absolutely went nuts in the morning!

I then made him a fun and delicious birthday breakfast that he loved so much he almost choked. He doesn’t often have sprinkles or Oreos for breakfast so he did not know how to act.

He gave the breakfast a thumbs up!

We finished the morning off with his favorite part by opening his presents! Little did he know that in just a few hours we would be off to his favorite place in the world, LEGOLAND!

Stay tuned for my next post sharing our experience at the Legoland Resort and Park in New York!

Isaiah outside of Legoland Resort

The unconditional love I get from my son is irreplaceable. There’s always room for one more hug or kiss and the “I wub you’s” never get old. To know I make him feel safe is not only an honor but a blessing.

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on YouTube💋

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