4 Things I’m Manifesting RIGHT NOW! 

I think we all reach a point in our lives when we know exactly what we want.  Of course, we can take the steps needed to reach the outcomes we desperately want, and we will. But sometimes there is no plan or the process may simply take too long. Yes, patience is key but I want more than that. 

Manifestation is the ability to bring the things that you want to real life.  It is act of turning your thoughts, desires and dreams into reality.  

I do believe that if we want something enough we can get it.  When we trust the universe enough, it will give us allow us to receive what we want. If you want to know more about manifestation, I do recommend further looking into it since I’m not an expert. 

Photo by Binti Malu

Here are some things I’m manifesting today

❥ Positive Energy — Im manifesting a consistent positive mindset as well as a positive circle of energy always surrounding me. 

❥ Financial Freedom — I’m manifesting a life where I can do or go anywhere I want without a worry. 

❥ Healthy Relationships — Im manifesting the ability to sustain all of the healthy relationships in my life. If new relationships begin, may they be healthy too. 

❥ Good Health — I’m manifesting a strong healthy future ahead of me, mentally and physically, spiritually. 

Manifestation isn’t a miracle and defiantly isn’t something that happens overnight but it does work. That’s why I’m putting this out into the universe! What are you manifesting? Let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “4 Things I’m Manifesting RIGHT NOW! 

  1. I love your blog post about manifesting! 🙌 You reminded me about the importance of positive energy. I’ve been trying to manifest good health, financial freedom and healthy relationships as well, but I’ve been forgetting about the importance of positivity. ✨

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