Day 4 of Feeling Like Trash

Y’all, I’m going through it lol. It’s been such a long time since I posted a brain dump. I almost forgot I could do that. Anywho, I’m still pretty sick and I feel like trash. I’ve had every symptom you can possibly think of so you can just imagine how worn down I feel. On top of trying to be a parent. Thankfully Dwayne has been so awesome with keeping Isaiah occupied and letting me get my rest. Yet, I still feel like trash. My sister thinks that I have the flu. I do too, I mean it’s been going around like crazy. One of my biggest symptoms right now is feeling like my head is going to explode. I can’t even focus too much on this post. Sigh. Unfortunately, Isaiah caught what I have so he’s not doing the best and it hurts my heart. The doctor recommended Zarbees over-the-counter cough syrup but the cough has seemed to progress and not get any better. Hopefully, he can see his doctor tomorrow.

Watch this video of Drake’s head exploding not only for entertainment purposes but to get a taste of how my head feels. 🤯

I’m behind on some things which is totally understandable in my situation lol. I’m currently working on a small business post that I’m really excited to share. I’m also planning on doing a few days of Blogmas next month! I’m definitely not going ham every day, but it will be fun to be a part of it again. I also want to try picking up the camera at LEAST 3 times for Vlogmas over on my Youtube channel. So we’ll see how that goes!

Hmmm what else… sick me has been enjoying watching crime investigations on youtube. I’m extremely dehydrated so I’ve been drinking Prime hydration drinks. I learned that it was created by Logan Paul and KSI (ifykyk). I’m not really a fan of Gatorade and on the 2nd day of my sickness, whenever I would drink any water I’d just throw it back up so my mind has settled on Prime for the time being. My favorite flavors are Lemon Lime and Tropical Punch, probably because I’m a child and they taste like juice.

Okay so that’s about it y’all, I just wanted to check in with you guys. Aside from sounding like a middle-aged man (Pooja from Lifesfinewhine can vouch for me) and feeling like trash, I’m hangin’ in there!

Now tell me, did you catch the flu too? I hope not.

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5 thoughts on “Day 4 of Feeling Like Trash

  1. Tiani, I am praying for you and Isaiah to feel better soon. Just focus on getting well and everything else will get done in its time. Blessings


  2. Yikes, I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling this sick!! It sounds awful. Please take it easy on yourself and rest till you get better. It’s that time of year when the flu can make the strongest of us fall flat on our backs. Hope Isaiah gets over his sickness smoothly and quickly! Take care and hugs…

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  3. Hope you feel better soon. Being sick sucks lol I was getting over covid as well, so the coughing is really lame ! Also those vapo inhalers do really help if you have stuffiness.


  4. Everyone keeps telling me they’re sick and I have no idea what’s going around but this flu is pretty awful. Hope you get well really soon 💕 And yes, we do sound like middle aged men minus the privileges 🥲


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