Dump Makeup With Me!

If you’ve seen my last post, Pesky Things That Need to Get Done Before the New Year, you would’ve seen how much of a mess my vanity was.

There is makeup on my vanity that I’ve had since high school which sounds quite unsanitary. Ha!

I always loved the IDEA of makeup although I never really dappled in it as much as real makeup lovers do. I still enjoy getting new products. Who doesn’t?

For a while, I was a member of Ipsy so I have a lot of single products from that as well. Lots of build-up over the years. I got makeup as gifts and then there’s all the makeup I bought on my own.

Its been about 2 years since my last makeup dump or should I say spill, since Its hard for me to get rid of anything. So let’s see how much I am willing to get rid of!

Brushes – In my eyes, you can never have too many makeup brushes. I started with 28 brushes and I only ended up giving up 1. Although shes problematic, my favorite brushes have to be the Jaclyn Hill Morphe travel brush set.


Eyeliner– I ended up with 5 eyeliners after my dog ate one and I actually got rid of one.

Lipliner– I ended up with 2 lip liners. I got rid of my Tarte Cosmetics tartiest lip crayon. I rarely use lipliner anyway and the ones that I do have are basically the same plum color!

Shadows- I’m definitely due for another eyeshadow pallet. I got rid of 2 very old dusty pallets from high school and 4 loose shadows. Luckily for Christmas, my little nephew gifted me with some new Elf shadows!

Primer– Y’all, I was using the same Marbella primer for years. I know these products have expiration dates but clearly, I just don’t care. I can’t be the only one. Now I like to use the Smashbox Photo Finish Smooth and Blur Primer.

Concealer/ Foundation– I can’t get rid of any concealers because I feel like they all still serve their purpose. For anyone that’s wondering, this Smashbox concealer is amazing on my skin. I don’t even have to use foundation. I don’t like foundation. I would rather use a very lightweight BB cream.

Brows– I have a ton of these. 8 to be exact, after throwing away 3. Anyone who knows me knows I rarely leave the house without putting my brows on. I recommend the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil.

When I was 3rd grade I used to be obsessed with pretend play. One night in the shower I was pretending to get ready for my wedding which required me to “get my eyebrows done.” So I took a disposable razor and shaved my brows like a little idiot. I’m convinced they haven’t grown back the same. It’s a huge insecurity of mine.

Lips– I tend to always stick to the same colors because that’s what I feel best suits my skin tone but do I really need 15 of pretty much the same ones? I think not. I was able to dump 4 lippies.

Mascara– I got rid of 1 crusty mascara so crusty that when you opened it, it left mascara crumbs everywhere. Gross.

I’m keeping my blushes and highlighters because they still do the job. I find myself always going back to the Fenty Beauty highlighter and Smashbox blush set.

I’m so glad I was finally able to clean and organize my vanity. I always said I would but something always came up. I also got to write a fun random post like this. Now all that’s left is to clean these brushes like I’ve never cleaned brushes before.

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @T_scorner 💋


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