Pesky Things That Need to Get Done Before the New Year


Are you familiar with new year new me? It’s The phrase everyone uses at the beginning of each new year.

I strive for change each year but to begin that I need a squeaky clean start. Down to the nitty-gritty things. It’s time to get my Marie Kondo on. Here are the pesky things that I need to get done before the new year all while taking care of my 12-week-old baby!

Empty my inbox of 7,336 emails.

I find it so annoying to have missed notifications. Whether it be texts, updates or emails. Emails are the worst though because they come in so frequently from websites I’ve been subscribed to for ages. I tried my best to unsubscribe from the emails that have no purpose anymore. I can’t keep up! Luckily, nowadays they make it much easier to mass delete emails. I just found that out.

Clean and organize drawers.

We all know our drawers can get very unorganized. If you’re anything like me, you rarely ever take the time to fix it. So why not wait till the very last minute? I love the look and feel of freshly organized drawers. This also gives me the opportunity to really go through what I want to keep or give away.

Get rid of Isaiah’s small clothes.

This is so bittersweet.  My baby is getting bigger and bigger each day. He is already outgrowing some of his 3-month-old outfits. Last time we were at the doctor’s, he was 12 lbs 3 oz and 23 inches long which is completely average for his age. It’s just so crazy to see him grow before our eyes. The upside is, more cute outfits to dress him in!

Clean out my car.

My poor trunk has no room to breathe. I like to keep the stroller in there so I am not lugging it back and forth from the house to the car and vise versa. On top of that, I have some pretty old things in there from when I first got my car around 2 years ago or so. I still have old toilet paper from one of my best friend’s baby shower! Her son just turned 1… What use can I get out of that dusty toilet paper now? Ha!

Get rid of my old makeup.

Good old makeup dumps. I love makeup so much. Although I don’t get to play in it as much as I used to or where much at all. I always enjoyed getting new makeup. I never enjoyed throwing it away. My vanity is in dire need of a cleanse.

What are some pesky things that you have to get done before the new year?

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