Declutter With Me!

Who likes clutter? Not me! It drives me insane. I clean very often. More now than ever but I definitely became a “compulsive cleaner” when Isaiah was born.

Sometimes no matter how much I put away or straightened up, I still felt like my life was jam-packed. So one of my very best friends suggested that I declutter. Really get rid of the stuff I don’t need.

So, I decided to start Declutter With Me! A way for me to push myself to get rid of at least 5 things each month. It doesn’t have to be anything specific. Since yesterday was spring cleaning day, I was able to get rid of a ton of stuff. I donated some and put some aside to attempt and sell on Poshmark! I decided maybe this can be a way to earn a little extra cash on the side as well as make space in my room.



I’m gonna go ahead and pretend this counts as 1. Y’all, I was hoarding a ton of Uggs. I’ve had these for years and never wanted to give them up because I wanted to keep growing my “Ugg collection”. News flash. Nobody has room or time for that! I realIzed that when I didn’t put any of those boots on all Winter, it was time to say goodbye.

A Scarf

I got rid of a raggedy old scarf that I always found comforting. I’ve had it since middle school and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even mine!

Boohoo Blazer


I put it on and I didn’t care for it. I honestly can’t remember wearing this anywhere. I kept holding on to it because I thought my taste for it but it didn’t. I have so many other clothing items just like it. Fun fact: I used to be obsessed with the brand PINK. If it wasn’t PINK I wasn’t wearing it.

Hey there everyone! If you like this blazer or want to check out some other cute inexpensive items, make sure to check out my Poshmark shop! I will be updating it periodically. Thank you!

My marble Mac laptop case

If you didn’t know, my mac laptop of 5 years broke a few months ago. It felt like everything was falling apart. It was pretty sad but luckily for me, my brother was kind enough to give me his laptop. Since it isn’t a Mac, my laptop case has no use. I don’t plan on purchasing a new computer any time soon.

Over 50 hangers

I’d include a picture but it looks like a tornado hit and just flung hangers everywhere. I’m not sure why I have nearly 100 hangers but there isn’t any room for them here anymore.

I must say. This felt good and I can’t wait to get rid of a few more things! If you want to see more clothes, shoes, and anything else I may put up, don’t forget to check out my Poshmark shop and show your girl some love.

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @T_scorner 💋

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