How I’m Staying Hopeful During This Pandemic

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all having a good day. Or at least trying to! I’ve been doing pretty good myself other than a few hiccups.

I won’t lie this is starting to get scarier and scarier each day. Where I’m from, New Jersey, there are thousands of new cases coming in each day. New York and New Jersey pretty much have the highest cases in the United States. We haven’t even reached our peak yet. So they say.

My family and I are doing our absolute best to stay safe amid all of this and be as cautious as possible but it’s still so much to take in. In the past 2 days, I have heard about a few people I know that have gotten the virus. I can only imagine what millions and millions of people are feeling all over the world. My heart breaks for each and every one of them.

Other than our first responders, health heroes, and essential workers, (who I’m extremely thankful for) there isn’t much we can really do but do our part to try and stop the spread.

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I’ve been trying my hardest to stay hopeful not only for me but for my son. A big thing for me is really just keeping productive. This is the worst time for me to be doing nothing. Although some days I may not get everything I had planned done, I at least have my daily tasks done. These include things like making sure our room is clean, washing Isaiah’s dirty dishes and bottles, and anything that helps to reduce as much stress possible.

I also find it helpful to think of things to do when this is all over. It keeps the future exciting! I have a hard time with this but it also helps to sweep the little annoying things under the rug. We have to be grateful for what we do have! I don’t want to take anyone or anything for granted.

Another thing I have been doing is just trying to keep the faith. I have to have faith. I do believe in God. I sometimes get upset at myself or feel bad that I turn to him during the worst times. Rather than just talking to him to just talk. You know? Does that make sense?

Also, I’m seeing too many people being rude and disrespectful to cashiers and other retail workers. If anything we should be a lot more empathetic. I’m pretty sure they would much rather be safe at home rather than being at work but not everyone can afford to just stop working.

Sigh. I can do this though. We can all do this. How are you guys staying hopeful?


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3 thoughts on “How I’m Staying Hopeful During This Pandemic

  1. I’m trying to stay hopeful too because at this point it seems like that’s all we can do. It’s sad that people are being rude to workers – they are so brave to go out there and work so that we can get the stuff we need and stay safe.

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