Motherhood Changed My Life

Now I know what you’re thinking. Of course, your life has changed, there’s a tiny human crawling around. But I don’t mean it in that way, becoming a mother has changed the way I view things. It’s changed my whole perspective of life. In ways, I’ve never seen myself reaching at least, for a while.

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I’m really cautious about what type of energies I allow around my family and I. I used to love being around so many people and involving myself in all types of shenanigans. I feel like I have become a lot more intuitive when it comes to bad vibes and not so good intentions. I think its really important to protect your aura. That can be really hard if you’re Empathic like me. This is why I’ve decided to re-read The Empath’s Survival Guide. I started reading it about 3 years ago, got halfway, and never finished. I don’t want anyone’s negative energy over here. Leave that at the door!

I speak to myself with so much more respect. I used to talk down on myself a lot more than Id like to admit. I wasn’t kind to myself. What kind of example would I make to my son if he thought it was okay to do that. How can he believe in himself or me, If I don’t even believe in myself? I praise myself for what I do get done and don’t beat myself for what I haven’t done.

I’ve had a much more positive outlook on almost everything. I have too much to be grateful for to be mad about little things. Or even engage in little petty arguments. As cheesy as this sounds, I really look at the glass as half full. This has also given me so much strength and I don’t question my faith. Everything happens for a reason.


I’ve gained a ton more confidence! I don’t think I’ve ever been this sure of myself in my life. I know that I am beautiful inside and out. I am confident with my beautiful natural hair. I am confident with my cute button nose. I am so confident in my writing. I feel unstoppable. I do have my off days but it’s so much easier to remind myself of my worth.

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20 thoughts on “Motherhood Changed My Life

  1. Aww that picture of him at the end is just too cute!!

    It is so great how becoming a parent has helped you grow as a person too and has changed your life in such a positive way! I can totally relate about the energy thing. I feel like I’m pretty good at picking up what kind of energy someone has and if I feel like they have a negative energy or are a toxic person I will cut them out completely or at least try to avoid them. I used to have a bigger friends group when I was younger too but as an adult I am way more picky about who I want around me.

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