How to Have the Perfect First Date

In honor of yesterday being my boyfriend and I’s anniversary, I wanted to tell a funny story about our first time meeting and our first date. So if you didn’t already know, my boyfriend and I met on the infamous dating app called Tinder. We were each others first dating app date so it was fairly new for the both of us.

We had been texting for a while before I put out there that we should finally go on a date. Yes, I was eager to meet him. I just couldn’t take it. We were getting along so well.

So we decided to do something simple. We were going to go to Friday’s. The day of the date I was so nervous, you guys. My friends and I were texting all day anticipating what it would be like. Is he going to act the same in person? Is he going to look the same? Is he going to be shorter than me? So many questions!

As the night approached I started to get ready. I put on a cute pair of light washed jeans, a t shirt and a super cute knit cardigan. I wanted to be cute but also comfy and casual. I was staying with my brother at the time and I told him I was going to hang out with some friends. Who the heck wants to tell their older brother that they are going on a blind date with a random man from Tinder? Not I.

He texted me that he was here. I remember almost crapping my pants. My brother used to live in an apartment complex that required a lot of walking. So as I was walking toward the street I just kept telling myself omg please let this work. As I approached I seen a man standing outside of a vehicle like a chauffeur or something. I recognized his face and said “um do you usually wait for people outside your car or something?” It was really weird. You could tell he was really nervous. “Na” he said with a smile and quickly ran back into the drivers seat.

In the car he proceeded to tell me that he thought I was in the car of ladies behind him. He said he went to this random car and knocked on the windows. The 3 ladies in the car looked at him like he was insane. He said he felt like I was setting him up. I said “Now why the heck would I be in a random car behind you and not say anything.” With that all cleared up we went on to have our date and the rest is history.

The most important things I recommend when going on a first date are:

Be yourself – let the person you are going out with fall for the real you. Its much easier this way. You don’t have to put up with any facades or make things harder in the long run.

Go somewhere where you can talk – you want to be able to talk and get to know this person to learn as much as you can about them. You can’t do that at a movie theater (unless you plan on having dinner before or after) or somewhere like a club. You want to be able to hear each other not other people.

Tell the truth – always tell the truth. Like they say, honesty is the best policy. Lies always catch up to you and it sure will ruin something great.

How was your first date? Where did you guys go? Was it awkward? Do you have any first date tips? I want to know! Let me know in the comments down below.

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13 thoughts on “How to Have the Perfect First Date

  1. Aww this was so sweet! Not currently in a relationship (thanks pandemic…) but the first date of the last relationship I was in was with someone I met on Tinder too. I was SUPER nervous and I live with my older sister and I told her I was hanging with a friend as well lol!
    I think being yourself and being honest are so important especially if you are looking for something long term. You do not want a relationship built on lies. Going somewhere you can talk or at least taking a walk afterwards if you go to a club/movie is so important too! I would also add that it helps to go somewhere chilled where you are not going to be interrupted- like don’t go to a super popular busy place or a super loud place.

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  2. That’s a great story.

    I myself have actually been on a Tinder date where the girl arranged for a guy to come after me, and he came early. So yeah, that was an awkward experience. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Wishing you all the best in your relationship!

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  3. Okay AGAIN…how do we relate to like everything? Lol! Don’t worry after this pandemic I know you’ll get your date on.

    Great point! I would hate to be constantly bothered while trying to get to know someones. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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  4. Very cute 💕First dates can be fun and awkward . I don’t remember the exact first date , but I remember sharing my love of old 80’s horror movies . My personal favorite to share with my now fiancé was John Carpenter’s The Thing. Its such a gross scary movie and I couldn’t beleive he never saw it lol

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  5. I loved this post! You two are so cute together and you all make a perfect little family 🙂 Thanks for sharing your first date, I’m happy to know yet another successful tinder couple haha

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  6. Haha its all good . I think the only type of movie I don’t watch a lot of are probably war movies amd some of the slower romance ones . But other than that I will probably watch almost anything .

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