Mothers & Mental Health|Week 26|Miss B

Motherhood 2

Meet Miss B from Holland


Hi everyone and welcome back to Mothers & Mental Heath! Please give an extra warm welcome to Miss B. How are you feeling today mama?

I’m feeling great. I’m just a little bit tired of the busy week but satisfied. 

How many children do you have? 

We have one son and he is 11 years old. We are planning for the second one and then we are done. We want 2 children that is the perfect amount for us. 



How old were you when you had your first child?

I was 25 when my husband and I planned to become parents.


Do you remember your initial reaction when you found out you were pregnant?

Ohwwww Yesssss!  I was happy but nervous as well because I lost my sister and her unborn twin daughters. And I was a little bit scared to be honest. But I did it! And I have to prepare myself mentally to do it once again in the future.


What first comes to mind when you think of mental health?

When I think about mental Health I think about balance and inner joy.


Do you suffer from any mental illnesses yourself? 

No, I’m not suffering from any mental health myself. Sometimes I just miss my sister a lot! The pain is hard to deal with sometimes.


How was your mental health before you became a mama? How has motherhood changed or improved your mental health?

My mental health was pretty much the same, the only thing was that I just became a mother so I was adjusting to the big  and unconditional love that I felt for my baby boy. It was and still is a beautiful feeling ohh yesss, he added more joy after the big loss that my family and I had experienced …


Do you practice self-care? 

Yes, selfcare is a must for me! I do everything that I like blogging, drawing, and enjoying doing things for myself. That’s what every woman needs spending time for themselves doing the things they like. You are a person with needs, and talents also it’s healthy for you as a mom to plan those me time moments.


Advice for other mamas…

My advice for other mothers is to enjoy motherhood but do not forget yourself. Our children are important but we are important too, so we need to have balance in everything that we do. We need to be and stay ourselves because when we take good care of ourselves we can give the best of us to our children and husband. And also it’s important to think about the amount of kids that you want because it’s more than just having a big family, every child has their personal  and emotional needs, attention, guidance and when you have kids you should be able to give all that to your children you own that to them. So they can grow and become beautiful and stable adults. And don’t forget that you have yourself and your partner and you have to be able to have the balance to accomplish all these responsibilities needs from yourself and your marriage as well.


What’s the 411 on Miss B?


What are some of your favorite family activities?

I love to spend quality time with my family. Our favorite activities are family trips, travel, playing games and trying not to laugh is one of our favourite games to play. We love to skate, dance & spend time with family and friends doing fun stuff. 

What’s the cutest thing your kid has done?

Everyday  my son tells me how much he loves me and gives me hugs, he makes beautiful drawings for me & sometimes breakfast. (Pancakes.)

What are some of your favorite comfort foods? 

My comfort foods are, potatoes chips, roti and spareribs and every delicious thing that my husband cooks.

Tell us your go-to song at the moment!

Uhm… my go-song at the moment is Dream Girl ( A Song from an artist from Curaçao).

What is your drink of choice?

I love to drink Fanta.

Pet check!!!!

Yes we have a bunny. Of course, here are some pictures of our lovely bunny. 


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  1. Wow, I really liked this interview! I’m so sorry that she lost her sister, but I’m happy that she’s such a great mum. Her son sounds so cute! And mental health is very important so thank you for helping to raise awareness about it.

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