This is a post from my Instagram @T_scorner. I wouldn’t normally take from there but I felt this was important. Hope you enjoy! YOUR OPINION IS NOT MY REALITY‼️ Afternoon everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your Thursday so far. I am, Ive gotten a great nights sleep in privacy and I feel awesome. Ive chosen todays quote because of a lot of the situations Ive been put in lately. Yesterday someone told me “Forget it, you will never go back to school.” “You only went crazy because of laced weed.” When in fact none of these are true at all. I dont ever have to explain myself to anyone but this is just sad. School has been a top goal of mine until I went to the hospital for a suicide attempt and Ive been depressed before I started to dabble in marijuana. Wouldnt it make more sense to go to school when your head is on straight so you arent failing but succeeding? Thats what I am waiting for. I refuse to go to school when I know I wont be there 100 %. If you love someone then you should support them or kindly guide them in the proper direction, not bring them all the way down. Have faith in them. Show them you are on their side. Show them there is still hope. Everyone was put on this earth for different reasons. We dont all have the same finger prints do we? Thanks for reading! 🧠💋🤷🏾‍♀️

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