Gift Guide For Her + Perfect Gifts For New Moms

Although I appreciate it when someone gets me a gift, it is a little uncomfortable when someone asks me what I need or what I want for Christmas. I always say nothing and I know I can’t be the only one.

We know you’re a new mom but we want this gift to be about YOU! All of the attention automatically goes to the baby so help a new mom feel seen and acknowledge the birth she just went through! Keep reading to get the perfect gift ideas for a new mom or even an aunt or sister.


1. Wine


There is nothing better than a glass of wine to unwind. I got an unexpected bottle of wine from my boyfriend’s coworker and I couldn’t have been happier. This is the perfect gift because it may be unlikely that mom is able to get out and go to the liquor store. Even if she does have the time, this probably isn’t at the top of her list.


2. A Hot Meal


You can never go wrong with a fresh hot home-cooked meal. Especially when its already prepared so its easier for mom to get back to the baby. I greatly appreciated whenever someone brought me something warm to eat because I wasn’t finding any time to make any food for myself. All I had to do was reheat and eat while my son enjoyed time with his visitors.


3. Treats


For me, cupcakes are a perfect pick me up. Why not put together a basket of baked goods? I can always appreciate a few warm cookies as well. You can even throw in a few granola bars or fruit leathers for a quick snack. I keep a box of bars in my room so that I can easily grab something when I have no time to eat for real. Which is usually always.


4. “Just For You” Gift Set


I received the “Just For You” gift box and loved it. First of all, it smelled amazing without even opening it. It brought warmth to the room. This is the perfect gift for a new mommy because it includes everything she needs to self-care. Or everything she needs just for HER. This is the perfect gift for any woman. Just imagine taking a nice warm bath with a yummy vanilla body scrub and then putting on your sleep mask to get good rest. That is if you have a baby sitter of course!

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5. Fuzzy socks and pajamas


In the beginning, mom will probably spend a lot of time in her pajamas. I definitely did, so why not have mom feel extra good while home. This is both a comfortable and cute gift. It is also perfect timing since that cold winter weather is starting to come in.


6. Tumbler Cup


I can’t get enough of these! These are super cute and an even greater gift idea because it encourages mom to drink water. Who doesn’t want to drink out of something cute? I know I may sound crazy but I find myself drinking water more frequently out of my “basic witch” tumbler from Marshalls.


7. Gift Card


You can never go wrong with one of these. Show your appreciation with a gift card to her favorite restaurant, Starbucks, or even a gift certificate for a facial. Not sure which one to get? That’s the beauty of a gift card, you can give her the option to spend it on whatever she would like but make sure to specify it is for her and her only.



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