5 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Cry

Have you cried today? It’s okay if you have because crying is good! Whether it be after a really hard day or even a sad movie. It’s okay to cry.

I’ve always been a crier but never a confident crier. What I mean is that I never wanted anyone to see my cry. I understand why someone would feel this way. I’ve been in situations where I’ve had full-on panic attacks and I believe in those moments Its perfectly okay to not want anyone to see you ugly cry and hyperventilate.

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There was a time when I would feel so uncomfortable crying in front of my friends or others because I felt I had something to prove. I knew I was making things worse for myself. Sometimes brushing things off and having unresolved issues can be harmful to the body. So, have a good cry once in a while. Here are 5 reasons why it’s okay to cry!

1. It’ll make ya feel better

Don’t you just feel so much better (kinda) after a good cry? That’s because it literally makes us feel better! Crying can lower our manganese levels. When manganese levels build up over time it can be a cause of mood swings. When you cry, the excess manganese will flow out with those tears.

2. It releases toxins

We produce 3 different tears. Continuous, reflex, and emotional tears. When we are crying its most likely that we are using our emotional tears. These tears contain stress hormones and crying excretes them and possibly other toxins.

3. It reduces stress

When we get too overwhelmed, sad, etc. we accumulate a ton of stress. A good cry can help make you feel better. The release of all that built up emotion needs to come out and crying is in fact a healthy way to do it. There have been researches that found crying to stimulate endorphin production! Endorphins are a naturally produced chemical in the body that helps cope with stuff like stress, fear, or pain.

4. It shows strength

Crying can be a really hard thing for some people to do believe it or not. It makes them feel weak. It’s totally okay to be vulnerable sometimes. Allow yourself to heal and be better for your mental health.

5. You’re human!

Did you know that only humans can shed emotional tears? Although it MAY be possible that elephants and gorillas can too… Anywho, what I’m trying to say is, it’s totally okay to cry. It’s natural. I hate that there is this stigma that crying is a sign of weakness. Crying is our body’s way of handling our struggles and healing.

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16 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Cry

  1. I used to be one of those people who NEVER cried. I think I went like a good 2/3 years without crying even once and it was the worst thing ever. I was basically bottling everything up and although it didn’t come out in the form of tears it was coming out in other ways and that was just super unhealthy for my mental health. Now when I feel like crying I just go ahead and do it and even if the problem isn’t solved I just feel so much better letting it all out.

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  2. Its nice sometimes. .Most of the better anime’s I’ve watched have all been pretty sad . Have you seen Erased? There’s a live action adaptation on Netflix , but its pretty good and slightly sad too .

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  3. It was crazy! I was like a soda bottle after you shake it and it’s about to explode lol! I’m glad I found blogging and cry more now. I know it’s weird to be happy about crying but honestly it’s so refreshing!

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  4. Well at the moment I was reading the Overlord series ( they’re translated from Japanese) and Stephen King’s Dark Tower series . My main genre’s are horror or dark fantasy , but I’m open to other types of fiction as well, as long as like the story or the characters ☺️

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