The Worst 2 Days EVER

Have you ever heard those stories about people who just seem to be unlucky? Back in the day, when I was a young school-aged girl, I remember reading stories about the unluckiest girl in all of the 2000s. Then different movies came out were somehow the main character always ended up in some type of mess. Well, in this story that I’m about to share with you, I am that girl. This happened to me a while ago but I never got a chance to properly vent about it. So, prepare for another story time and possibly some ranting!

It was a gorgeous summer day outside, and I just knew that I needed to get out and enjoy it. Two of my girlfriends and I decided to hit up one of our favorite hometown Lebanese restaurants for an early dinner and some hookah. At this point, I was cheesing so hard just because I had some plans. Can’t you tell I don’t get out much?

I immediately went to my disorganized closet so that I could pick out something cute to wear. I ended up in my favorite yellow top and comfortable denim jeans. All I had to do was throw on a little bit of makeup and head out the door.

We all moved away from our hometown (not too far) putting us in all different parts of the county. We left accordingly so that we’d all arrive at the same time. Did I mention that it was a gorgeous day outside? I cruised down the highway with my sunroof opened and my playlist on full blast. I was probably listening to Dominic Fike.

I finally arrived at the restaurant and of course, it was live. I can tell just by driving by. Just as I was parking, I saw one of my friends pulling up and we both smiled so hard! I even screeched. We got out of the car, swallowed each other in hugs, and walked across the street to the restaurant so we can grab a table on the patio. It had taken a while before we got a service but it was okay since we still had to wait for our other friend. Before we knew it, she had arrived and we got the evening going!

We ordered our favorite foods like hummus and pita, avocado salad, grape leaves, and Shish Tawook! We guzzled down the best-iced tea lemonades, and I finished it off with some Knafeh . During it all, we couldn’t forget our orange mint hookah. It was such a good time! We told stories and made jokes, and I even discovered that I’m not as loud as I think I am lol.

While we were getting ready to pay our tab, my friend Gianna asked if I wanted to go with her to ShopRite before going home. I told her no because I just wanted to go home, relax, and see Isaiah. Especially after all that food. She pleaded with me and I kept saying no until I remembered there were a couple of things I needed to pick up anyway. I finally caved.

We left the restaurant and met up at a ShopRite on the way to both of our homes. We didn’t plan to stay there too long since we both had pre-written lists and knew exactly what we wanted. I was so excited to go home knowing I had such a fulfilling day and a new tub of cookie dough ice cream. As I was packing my bags into my trunk, I didn’t realize I set my keys down in there too. I slammed the trunk shut and my lights flickered, indicating that the car was now locked. My heart dropped. I turned to my friend and said “I just effed up.”

I ran to each door thinking I’d magically become the Hulk trying to open them. My friend is looking at me crazy, and that’s when I screamed out “I LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE TRUNK”! I’m completely panicking while trying to hold the tears in my eyes. I texted my boyfriend what happened and immediately called my mom crying. She told me to calm down (you know, typical mom stuff) and that she was going to send my brother.

Time is going by and the sun was starting to set. Thankfully Gianna waited with me the whole time so that I could sit in her car. I’m sure part of the reason for that is that she blamed herself entirely. I was too frustrated at the time to explain to her that it wasn’t. My brother finally came and we tried to figure out the next steps.

We found out that my car has an “emergency trunk open” button inside my glove compartment but we just had to get inside the car. My brother called Triple-A but the next driver wouldn’t make it around for another hour. We thanked Gianna for waiting with us, told her to go home, and just waited. After an hour, he arrived, and I started to feel a wee bit of hope. I watched this man break into my car with some type of air pump and I screamed with glee! Finally, the driver’s side door was open and we can get to the glove compartment. We found this mysterious switch that seemed to already be on. We tried to pop the trunk and had no luck. So I switched it on and off, again. No luck.

At this point, the tow truck driver said that there was nothing further he could do but suggest a different driver tow me home. My spirits were so crushed. It was already so late, and we weren’t getting anywhere. We called for another tow truck, but we still had to wait another hour. When that one finally came I felt some relief because at least the night was ending. That quickly went away when he seemed a little confused about the situation. Basically, he wasn’t informed about the tow and didn’t have a dolly for my car. He said he could still tow it but at the risk of my car being scraped the whole way home. I almost said yes, I just wanted it to be over but, I didn’t.

My only option was to order a new key from the dealership the next day when it opened. I had to leave my car in the ShopRite parking lot. Matthew knocked on the doors hoping one of the overnight workers would come out. They did, and he was able to explain to the manager why my car was there just in case anything happened. I didn’t want to be illegally towed or get a ticket. We even left a note on my car for the local police. My brother then drove my sad ass home and told me everything was going to be okay. I thanked him for staying with me that whole time. I don’t know what would’ve happened if he wasn’t there to help.

The next day, as soon as my dealership opened, I called them and ordered a new key. Sadly, it was going to cost me an extra $418 that I didn’t have and it wouldn’t even be ready till the next day. So I went the whole day in misery just wondering how my car was doing in such a crazy parking lot. I was able to get the money together, Thank God, and went the next day to go pick it up. After that, I got a ride to ShopRite and opened my trunk right away. I wasn’t even sad to see the melted ice cream all over the bag. I was just so thankful to get in my car.

It was a hell of a couple of days, I’ll say but I kept my cool the best I could even after Triple-A couldn’t help me! It could’ve gone way worse. I could have been alone or had no local family to come and help me. That’s why I tell Gianna all the time, this isn’t something she should apologize for. I mean yea, I didn’t want to go but I’m also an adult who makes her own decisions. I chose to go to ShopRite and pick up a few things that I needed. I was the one who put her keys in her trunk and then closed it. Unfortunate circumstances are going to happen sometimes; there’s no doubt. What matters most is how we deal with it and having both her and my brother there to help me with it was more than enough.

This incident taught me some valuable lessons:

A. Have a spare key. (Unfortunately, mine is lost again…)

B. Don’t set your keys in your trunk ☺️ Keep them on your finger or something.

C. Check your trunk anyway before you close it.

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on YouTube💋

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