My Own

A year ago around this time, I wrote a poem for school about my transition through depression. I was proud of my self for getting through it. Unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital months later but I got through it again. It’s all a wave. I went up and down for years. Each time I had an episode I learned something new about myself. I took what I learned and tried to make myself even better. Don’t let your mental illness drown you!

No longer am I my own
I’m a walking zombie out of my zone
All I have are these tiny white circles
I have become the tiny white circles
They were all I knew


They called me Lexapro
But happily, it was some time ago
Big thanks to that comfy blue couch
That couch that knew my imprint for more than a year
That couch that caught every tear


I am now my own
Laughter replaced the silence
Dancing replaced the sleeping
From lost in limbo to living life
From alone to hopefully soon to be wife
I am now my own and so much more


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