Top 5 Ways To Get What You Want

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share 5 ways I feel helped me get some of the things I have today whether it be a product, knowledge, or even a relationship of some sort. These aren’t 5 ways that will guarantee you everything you want either way but keep reading and overtime who knows what can happen!


1.) Attitude.


How are you going to get what you want when no one wants to give it to you? I learned the hard way that you can’t expect results when you always have RBF aka resting BITCH face. First impressions matter too.

It’s very hard for me to bite my tongue in certain situations but the older I get the more I realize how important it is. Keep yourself out of trouble. If it’s going to benefit you in a good way then suck it up, smile, and move on. I know so many people who hate their jobs, schools, etc but frowning and having a bad attitude won’t make it any better.

2.) Write it down.


I always say writing things down is my savior. I literally write down everything. Most things are easier said than done. I recently got a Passion Planner for Valentine’s day from my sister and I highly recommend it.

It allows me to create mind maps and break each goal down to make it a bit more clear and realistic. There are time slots, blank pages, grids, everything you can ask for in a planner! #GOALS

3.) Visualization.


Seeing is believing, right? Not everyone likes to write but if you’re like me then you love to write and you love pictures. I recommend creating a vision-board. Put the best pictures on that are going to help you visualize what you want. Keep it handy and look at it every single day.

I currently have a vision board full of Tammy Hembrow and islands because they motivate me to work out. It doesn’t matter what it is because you aren’t here to impress anyone else but yourself. Dream it. Believe it.

4.) ASK.


Once you’ve gotten down more of the mental ways of getting what you want, its time to finally ask! C’mon, you didn’t think you would get everything you ever wanted without asking or working hard…?

Asking for something can actually be super hard (at least for me it is). I absolutely HATE asking people for things. I always felt like asking for something made me weaker and vulnerable but that wasn’t the case at all. Asking for things made me stronger (ie; asking for help). Make sure to voice what you want clearly. Be up front and most importantly, CONFIDENT.

5.) Persistence.


Lastly, you need some fire under your butt if you don’t got it already. Do not give up. Just because it didn’t work the first couple times doesn’t mean it won’t work the next couple of times. You literally won’t know unless you keep trying. Do it differently and find which way gets you to your goals quicker.

 Thank you guys for reading. If you want something and it’s keeping you up at night, then go get it. Remember to have patience as well because unfortunately big things don’t usually happen overnight (unless you have fairy godparents). Try to do at least 1 thing each day to get you closer and closer to your objectives. Thank you for reading! Follow my Instagram for daily posts; @t_scorner💋

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