My Greatest Accomplishment of 2019

3 weeks postpartum.

Going into 2019, I never expected to go through something so life-changing. I was already so content with the path that I was on. I had a great job working with kids and I had just started my field placement also working with kids. I was always with kids but never did I   have one of my own yet alone think I’d have one so soon.

I still remember when you were the size of a chia seed according to one of my pregnancy apps. Now you are as long as my arm and those things are long. Things were so surreal back then and they are still surreal now. It’s so fascinating to see you grow right before our eyes. God has given me the role of being a mother for a reason. I promise to cherish this gift for a lifetime. Even all of the crying and sleepless nights because I know time waits for no one.

My dear son, because of you my life has a purpose. You have made me stronger. You are showing me patience as I continue to find myself. Not only are you the greatest thing that’s happened to me this year but you are the greatest thing that’s happened to me in this lifetime.

Isaiah, thank you for making 2019 the most important and memorable year of my life. Mommy and Daddy love you!

Have a fun and SAFE New Years’ Eve. See you in the new year, everyone!

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