Why Your Mental Health Matters

This month has been full of obstacles but that won’t stop me from acknowledging that it’s  Mental Health Awareness Month. I’m a little late but better late than not at all!

Good day everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely day so far. Did you know that May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month? Millions of people just like you and I struggle with a mental illness. But for the most part, because of the stigma, not everyone feels comfortable talking about it.

I wish that weren’t the case because it is so important to understand your emotions and thoughts. Your mental health matters and here’s why.


It’s so easy for the mind to be flooded with unwanted thoughts. That’s usually a good time for anxiety to creep up and its the worst. Can you imagine trying to focus while in the state of mind? Acknowledging these feelings might be better in the long run not only for this reason. Having a clearer mind helps to think straight.


Lack of care for your mental health may cause some struggles in your every day relationships and you might not even know it. Sometimes we can say the wrong thing or sometimes not anything at all. This can be hard for everyone involved. It’s always helpful to have loved ones around.


The things you do to take care of yourself play a big part in the bigger picture. It’s just as important to take care of your mental health as you do physical health. You deserve to see the very best version of yourself. Although its sometimes hard to see, someone cares and there is always someone to listen.

Here are some more ways to take better care of YOU

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  2. Take deep breaths
  3. Do things that make you happy

What are some things that I missed? Why do you think Mental Health Matters?

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4 thoughts on “Why Your Mental Health Matters

  1. Really enjoyed this post! I’m sorry to hear you’re having a difficult month and if you ever want to talk about it or anything feel free to reach out!

    I think what you said about acknowledging your negative thoughts is really important. There’s a reason why you experience the negative thoughts/emotions that you do and repressing them will only make them worse. Acknowledging, accepting and understanding them however helps you to get to the root of the problem and that’s the only real way to get rid of it long term. Seeking help is also really important- whether it’s from friends, family or a professional. Having someone to talk to is just so comforting and beneficial.

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  2. I’m so glad the comment made an impact! I’m happy to share my experiences because sometimes it’s easy to feel alone when you’re going through stuff. You’re very welcome!

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